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Actress emeritus and founding member of the company, she was principal actor for her roles in 30 shows over the nine years she was with the company. She created 27 characters and notably portrayed Elfish Prezley in four separate Christmas shows. She understudied three other shows.

Dee McCorkle (Gregg)

She appeared in Towngate Theatre's production of"Lend Me a Tenor" in March 2005, "Crimes of the Heart" in May 2004, "Bus Stop" in November, 2003, "Aresenic and Old Lace" in late April, 2003 and in September, 2002, "You Can't Take It with You." She has appeared in countless community theatre productions, including Hannigan in The Music Hall Players' production of "Annie," a step-sister in their production of "Cinderella" and the lead in Towngate's "The Far End of the Earth." She was also in Towngate's "Steel Magnolias," "Philadelphia Here I Come," "The Children's Hour" and "Two by Two."

 BeaPrincess DahntahnenatMitziElfishDominiqueRed

She was also in "Morning's at Seven" at the Towngate Theatre. In 2001, she was in "The Return to Morality" and "Lettice and Lovage."

Agent USvetlanaKatherineBrunhildeMata HornyBig Mama

She directed "Once Upon at Mattress" for the Parcel Players (children's theatre) at the Towngate Theatre in the summer 2000 and "Starmites" in summer 2001.

Congressman Mrs. Dripdrysdale FannyNatashaBurgh PrincessSalty Pepper

Her Mystery Theatre credits

As principal actor:

Natasha Levushkin ~ Speakeasy, Die Hard (1996, 2016)
Fannie Fermer ~ Take Me Out of the Ball Game (1996)
Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride ( 1996)
Bella Donna ~ Variety Is the Spice of Death (1997)
Madame Futura ~ A Medium for Murder (1997)
Molly Jones ~ Happiness Is a Warm Gun (1997)
Montana Marie ~ Shoot-Out at the Double-U Dude Ranch (1997)
Dominique Whiplash ~ Salon, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, You're Dead (1998)
Mrs. Norton-Sweeny-Todd ~ Murder in the Mansion Museum(1998)
Beatrice ~ You Bet Jurassic He's Dead ( 1998)
Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride 2: Fright Christmas (1998)
Salty Pepper ~ Avast Ye Murdeous Swabs (1999)
Brunhilde Of Gothland ~ The Tragic Death of Alfred the Squatty (1999)
Big Mama Johnson ~ The Case of the Ms. and the Show-Biz Whiz (1999 -2000)
Red Fox ~ DOA in the Y2K (1999)
Little Jo ~ Damn! Damn! That Rotten Old Nottingham! (2000)
Mata Horny ~
License to Spy (2000)
Dr. Fanny Reamer ~
Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire? (2000)
Princess Dantahnenat~
Space Trek (2001)
Alexis Luthor ~
The Menace of the Super Duper Party-Pooper (2001)
Little Red Riding Hood ~ One Upon a Crime (2001)
Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride III (2001)
Lovely Bowell ~ Survivor on Killigan's Island (2002)
Katherine Deprivia ~ One Life to Lose (2002)
Agent U ~ E.A.T. (The Extra Added Terrestrial (2003)
Svetlana Tickoff ~ Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom (2003)
Congressman Beauregard Jackson ~ Tales from the Script (2003, 2004)
Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride IV (2003)
Margaret Dripdrysdale ~ The Capitol Hillbillies (2004)
Mrs. Peacock-a-Doodle-Doo ~ Elliot Brick's Case of the Maltese Ferret (2005)

As understudy:

Billy Bob's assistant ~ Recipe for Murder (1997)
Ms. Kathleen O'Grady ~
Il Morte di Figaro (1998)
Mitzi Small ~
Murder on the Luv Boat (2004)

In revival:

Natasha Lavushkin ~ Speakeasy, Die Hard (all runs)
Elfish Prezley ~
Slay Ride (1997)
Bella Donna ~
Variety Is the Spice of Death (1999)
Elfish Prezley ~
Slay Ride (2000)
Elfish Prezley ~
Slay Ride II: Screaming All the Way (2000)
Princess Dantahnenat ~
Space Trek (2002)
Elfish Prezley ~
Slay Ride III (2002)
Little Red Riding Hood ~
One Upon a Crime (2004)
Svetlana Tickoff ~ Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom (2004)
Congressman Beauregard Jackson ~ Tales from the Script (2004)
Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride IV: Revenge of the Claus (2004)

Last updated: January 2, 2023