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Elliot Brick's Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz

by Butch Maxwell and Bert Furioli

Show Biz Whiz Cast

Broadway. The Great White Way.

The action centers on the world's dumbest detective, Elliot Brick, who is hired by actress Dame Loretta LaDiva to get her out of a long-term contract with her agent, the unscrupulous, shady fast-talker Harley Winestein, whose other clients include singer Amy Finehouse. While Brick pursues the most powerful agent in show business, he encounters the strangely orally dyslexic actor Sir John Feelgood and other shady characters such as the newsboy, Three Fingers, the street vendor, Apple Annie, the snitch, Blinkie the Stoolie, and Brick's nemesis, Lieutenant Cleftjaw. It all leads to a very silly muder and some very funny song parodies.

2019 Cast:
Harley Steinwine Jim Ellis or Evan Oslund
Amy Finehouse Karissa Martin
Sir John Feelgood Michael Moran
Dame Loretta LaDiva Melody Meadows
Elliot Brick Butch Maxwell

Original run: August - October 1999 - Special Edition at Oglebay Park: February - May, 2000 - Revived and Updated April - August 2019

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Last updated: August 20, 2019