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She debuted as a principal cast member in "Murder Under the Big Top" in 2010, returned later in the year as Mother Nature in "Slay Ride 6: Santa's Last Christmas," in 2011 in "Kill Phil" and in 2012 in "Coleslaw & Order," and many others since.

Melody Meadows

Melody Meadows Fiona Fallinda Katie Cowlick Melody Meadows as Celine Dijohn Mrs. Cratchet Dame Loretta LaDiva Mrs. Shepherd-Boggs-Zane Lois Rhodes Dr. Pusher Stardate 2017

She appeared in the Independent Theatre Collective's 2009 production of "Bus Stop." She still serves as a board member, acts and directs for ITC. She recently appeared in West Liberty University's "Musicial Comedy Murders of 1940."

Her Mystery Theatre credits

As principal actor (first run):
Mother Nature ~ Slay Ride 6: Santa's Last Christmas (2010, 2015)

As principal actor (in revival):
Fiona Fallinda ~ Murder Under the Big Top (2010)
Celine Dijohn ~ Kill Phil (2011)
Katie Cowlick/Officer Malone/Judge Julie ~ Coleslaw & Order (2012)
Mrs. Claus ~ Slay Ride IV: Revenge of the Claus (2013)
Delilah LaDiva ~ McDeath or Nothing Much About Doo-Doo (2015)
Penelope Pennywhistle ~ Speakeasy, Die Hard (20th Anniversay Edition) (2016)
Dr. Pusher ~ Space Trek (2017)
Lois Rhodes ~ Murder on the Luv Boat (2018)
Lucy Sushan ~ One Life to Lose (2018)
Dame Loretta LaDiva ~ The Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz (2019)

As an understudy:
Mrs. Tululah Shepherd-Boggs-Zane ~ Overture for an Understaker (2014)