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The Archives of Mystery Theatre Unlimited

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Bridgerdon Abbey

Scandals among the British elite in the Regency Era lead to murder, mystery, and musical parodies! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: January - March, 2024

Slay Ride Five - C.S.I.: North Pole

Christmas Eve. Ex-cops on a mission. Santa's Toyshop given a branding makeover. Striking reindeer! Mob connections! ...Murder! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: November - December 2005; Revived 2007, 2014 and 2023.

Elliot Brick's Case of the Maltese Ferret

Bungling detective Elliot Brick tries to solve a case with six possible weapons, nine possible locations and suspects including Mrs. Whitebread, Mr. Greenjeans, Mrs. Peacock-a-Doodle-Doo, Miss Scarletta, Colonel Ketchup, and Professor Plumb-loco. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: April - July 2005; Revived Jan. - March 2012, September - November 2023

Indiana Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Sequel

When famous aviatrix Amelia Darehart discovers an ancient icon with the mystical power to compel anyone to tell the truth, she seeks the help of the man she jilted - Indiana Smith. Now, along with his mentor, Sir Harry Proctor-Gamble-Smythe, he travels to the far corners of the earth with her to recover it before Soviet spy Svetlana Tickoff and her minion Ratso get it first. Is all fair in love and Cold War? Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: September - November 2008; Revived September 2009, summer 2012 and July-August 2023

Mission: Unpossible

A dastardly villain is determined to set off a dangerous device that will end the free-love spirit of the 60s and set into motion a cultural disaster: the 1970s! Will the spymasters of the Unpossible Mission Force be able to stop him? Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: December 31, 2012 - February 2013; revived April - June 2023.

Happily Never After

When a prince is forced to choose a bride, three would-be princesses vie for his affection, with deadly results. Written by Ryan Sears, Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: April - May 2015; revived January - March 2023.

A Very Hellmark Christmas Special

Welcome to Christmastown, East Dakota - where it is Christmas 365 days a year. This year's Hellmark Christmas special offers an exceptional blend of cheesiness, feel-good romance, over-the-top premises, predictable storylines, a few holiday songs, and a murder mystery to solve. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: - December 2022

The Wizard of Odds

Follow the Goldbricker Road with a sexpot Dorothy, a gender-confused witch and comic brothers Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion - plus a few suprises! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: September - December 2006; Revived June - July 2008, July 2010, September - November + December 31, 2022


Mind Over Murder

An aging mad scientist attempts to switch his wife's and his own minds with younger people - with hilarious results! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: October - November 2009; Revived January - February 2014, April - August 2022

Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom

It could not only change the power structure of the world, but it could change the destiny of humanity itself! When a bumbling explorer discovers a map to this treasure of biblical proportions, it leads to a whirlwind world tour and possibly the last escapade of famed adventure hero Indiana Smith. Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: May - August 2003, Revived September 2007 and January - March 2022

Slay Ride 4: Revenge of the Claus

On Christmas Eve, Santa's wife has had enough of the Claus' houseguests, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, who have overstayed their welcome. She's also disturbed with Santa's giving toy guns to children. Complications lead to a very funny murder, along with some delightful holiday songs. Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: November - December 2003, Revived; November - December 2004 & 2008 & 2013 & 2021

Johnny B. Dead

High school students in the 1950s grapple with the Red Scare, UFOs and getting to second base. Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: October - December 2015 - Revived: October - November 2021

How the West Was Dumb

Gunslingers in the old west are hunted by a clueless marshall, a sophistocated Native American and a brassy bounty hunter. Written by Butch Maxwell, Ryan Sears & Bert Furioli

Original run: September - November (+ New Years' Eve) 2014 - Revived: June - August 2021

Slay Ride II: Screaming All the Way

In this super sequel to the original "Slay Ride" by the same authors who committed the original, Santa has double-jeopardy with a hostile take-over brewing and a serial killer who chooses the North Pole on Christmas Eve to go slashing through the snow. There is nothing silent about this night! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: November - December 1998; Revived Nov. - Dec. 1998, November - December 2012 and December 2017.

Popguy the Sailor Man

Popguy the Sailor has disappeared and his girlfriend, Olive, is about to marry his rival, Bruto! It all leads to a fight to the finish - with or without spinach! Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell.
Original Run: September 2019 - February 2020

Elliot Brick's The Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz

Extortion, blackmail and fraud are tools of the trade for powerful agent Michael Obits, until he turns it on his top three clients: legendary blues singer Big Mama Johnson, the once-respected actress Dame Loretta LaDiva, and the both obscure and over-rated British actor Sir John Feelgood. In the middle of this mess is Private Detective Elliot Brick, the gumshoe with a worn soul who specializes in divorce surveillance and skirt chasing. Before it’s all over, it’s a Broadway Brawl and “curtains” for one of them! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: August - October 1999; revived April - August 2018

Rock 'em Dead

After a brief but successful career that ended in a bitter break-up, a rock band is poised to be inducted in the Rock Hall of Fame, and must reunite - with deadly results Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: September - November 2010 (and NYEve 2010); revived January - March 2019

One Life to Lose

Murder, mystery and music lurk behind the scenes of a popular daytime drama in "One Life to Lose." Declining revenues have left industry insiders speculating that one of the "above-the-line" actors will be cut from the show to save costs. This intrigue is complicated when the cast is unexpectedly compelled to perform the show on live TV. Before it is all over, someone is murdered. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: May - August 2002, Revived Jan. - Feb. 2009 and September - December 2018

Murder at the Kit Kat Klub

Dueling lounge lizards, a love-conflicted exotic dancer, a down-and-out club owner and a strange Austrian body-builder converge and before the night is over, someone will be knocking them dead. The show features an unprecedented nine hilarious song parodies. Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell.

Original run: March - June 2006, Revived; September 2007; August and October, 2008; April-June 2018

Murder on the Luv Boat

Hop aboard this fabled cruise ship where lovers renew their commitments to one another – or commit a murder before the first port of call! Among the passengers on the ship are famed and proficient romance novelist Lois Rhodes with her boozy husband, Rocky, and Oxblood University Professor Dexter Small with his lusty wife, Mitzi. The Luv Boat’s Captain Boobing must keep mismatched couples together – or die trying! Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell.

Original run: April - August 2004; Revived January - February 2006, February - April 2008, January - March 2018

Slay Ride or Rudolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer

The setting is Christmas Eve. The place is the North Pole. Santa Claus is preparing to make his annual worldtour, but he is a wreck. Everything has been going wrong this year. The elves have been unruly, his wife is pressuring him for an expensive gift and the reindeer are on strike. Even his ultra-efficient deputy, an oversized Elf, is unable to keep things on track as negotiations break down. Furthermore, Mrs. Claus is tired of Santa’s "poker buddies," Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, who have been crashing at their place since Thanksgiving. Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell.

Original run:November - December 1996; Revived 1997, 2000 and 2017 .

Last Kill and Testament

Branford Butterworth was a wealthy entrepreneur, whose company made a fortune in the toilet business. But in a bizarre incident, he was killed in an explosion when he was using a new prototype toilet. Police suspect foul play, but have no clear suspects. Interactive musical comedy murder mystery dinner theatre at its best!

Original Run: October - Noember 2017

My Big Fat Reality Wedding

A hillbilly's son is about to marry a blue blood's daughter and everything leading up to the ceremony and reception is being taped for a reality show. But the stakes are higher than they seem, as complicated by a self-obsessed bridesmaid and a strange, new age minister.
This is a great show for private parties! Rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, or any kind of party!

Original Run: April - September 2017

Space Trek XII: The Rash of Budda Kahn

The aging captain of the Star Ship SecondPrize is confronted with an old nemesis as he is on a routine trip to deliver an alien princess and ambassador to a peace conference with the Federation. A key crew member ends up dead, and it isn't one of those "extras" with orange shirts, either! Written by Joseph J. Cannito

Original run: January - May 2001; Revived August - October 2002 and January - March 2017.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hype

Laugh as famous detective Sheerluck Holmes and Dr. Watson seek Jack the Ripper, only to find a strange doctor whose mysterious formula, meant to cure a young woman from a bizzare personality disorder, has much different effects. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: September - November 2011 (and January 2012) - Revived July 2017

Space Trek

An aging starship captain fights his suspicions about his first officer, his drunken engineer, his amorous medical officer, an annoying alien princess and his own obsession with an androgen ambassador - before he realizes that his old arch enemy is about to exact his revenge.

Original Run: February - May 2001 Revivals: Sept - Nov 2002, April 2006, January - March 2017

A Deadly Christmas Carol or What the Dickens?

A familiar holiday classic, populated by a highly-recognizable but inappropriate cast, twisted into a hilarious murder mystery! Written by Butch Maxwell, Bert Furioli & Ryan Sears.

Original run: November - December 2011, Revived: November - December 2016

Dead of State

What happened when the nation nominates the two most people in the country to run for president? It's hilarios! And it's murder! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli with Josh DeBeni, Michael Moran, Vera Barton-Caro and Ryan Sears.

Original run: September - November 2016.

Star Bores

What happened between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens?" It could be deadly funny! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli with Josh DeBeni, Michael Moran and Ryan Sears.

Original run: April - August 2016.

American voters elected an Ozark hillbilly turned-billionaire to be President of the United States. His straightforward honesty and "regular guy" charm made him popular beyond politics as usual, despite the unpopularity of his running mate, Milburn Dripdrysdale. But a small Central American country has threatened to declare war on the USA and things only get messier when someone is murdered in the White House. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: September - November 2004, Revived July - August 2007, January - March 2016.

Slay Ride Six: Santa's Last Christmas

Santa has finally decided to retire. But who will replace him? His obnoxious chief elf? The scheming Tooth Fairy? The wiley Easter Bunny? Or the cunning Mother Nature? But the competition leads to an unexpecxted murder. Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: November 2010 - January 2011

McDeath or Nothing Much About Doo-Doo

The Royal Crown Shakespeare Company's production of the Bard's first show - a murder mystery in verse! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: April - June 2007, Revived July - August 2009, March, May-August 2015

Survivor on Killigan's Island

The seven castaways have been trapped on Killigan's tropical desert island since the U.S.S. Minnie crash-landed there during an ill-fated three-hour tour back in 1964. After a moderately successful three-year run on CBS, the show was cancelled, leaving the characters doomed to be trapped forever in syndicated reruns.Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: February - April 2002. Revived January - February 2015

The Pirates of Poughkeepsie

An unlikely band of pirates from an equally unlikley place launch a comic voyage for booty! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: April - May 2011 - Revival June - August 2014

Overture for an Undertaker

A Capitol Theatre stagehand finds Beethoven's undiscovered Tenth Symphony and he donates it to the local Auxiliary. But when someone threatens to steal it at the unveiling ceremony, the authorities call in protection. Unfortunately, they hire Elliot Brick, Wheeling's dumbest private detective. It's an outrageous murder mystery comedy full of local flavor and music.Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli with Ryan Sears.

Original run: March - May 2014

The Calamityville Horror

When a New Jersey business woman inherits a haunted house, including a goulish housekeeper, a hunchbacked manservant and a prankster ghost, she hires a strange bio-exorcist leading to hilarious happenings and murder. Written by Bert Furioli. Ryan Sears & Butch Maxwell

Original run: September - November 2013

Salon, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, You're Dead or Dead Wringer

The Salon du Mort is the setting for this madcap farce. When identical twin brothers view for power, presitge and a bigger blow dryer, you'll curl up and dye of laughter! Written by Butch Maxwell.

Original run: January - February 1998. Revived June - July 2010

Mayberry R.I.P.

Sheriff Andy Jailor is not at all bitter about he ex-wife leaving him with a kid, a controlling aunt, a nervous deputy, a strange barber and a dumb mechanic. Not at all. So who's behind the murder in this sleepy southern town? Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: March - May 2010; Revived June - August 2013

Dead of the Class

The Class of '88 is about to stage its 25th reunion. But the planning committee has trouble - the Coach leading the plans has an anger disorder, the two "popular" students are fighting and the two nerds are looking for love in all the wrong places. A bet leads to a very silly murder for one of them - with a lot of laughs and music from the 1980s along the way! Written by Ryan Sears, Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: March - May 2013.

Who Killed the Top Chef?

Four famous chefs vie for the World's Top Chef but one of them is cooking murder. Written by Bert Furioli, Ryan Sears & Butch Maxwell

Original run: March - May 2012

One Upon a Crime (in the Blacklight Zone)

Submitted for your approval: A hooded girl with a propensity for wearing red, now all grown up and running a courier service for fairy tale characters; a Grandma known to travel on broomsticks and ask advise of her mirrors, a king haunted by a witch's curse, and a Big Bad Wolf who wants nothing more than to avenge the murder of his father... all told by a strange creator of a spooky anthology series. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: August - November 2001; Revived Feb. - April 2004, January - February 2008 and June - August 2011 and a few other special performances.

Kill Phil

A TV psychologist attempts to cure four deranged celebrities - with comic and deadly results! Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: April - May 2008; Revival January - March 2011

Slay Ride III Elliot Brick's The Case of the Santa Sham

Characters from the previous two "Slay Ride" shows, along with characters from the previous two Elliot Brick shows, collide with new characters in this comedy murder mystery. Private Detective Elliot Brick is hired the ex-wife of Santa Claus' errant brother, and the trail leads Brick to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, where the unwelcome brother is on the lam from the mob. Before the night is through, the Christmas spirit becomes a deadly spirit for one of them. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: November - December 2001; Revived 2002, 2009

Murder Under the Big Top

A bad circus, a mean and drunken clown. a shady ringmaster, a dueling duo of the trapeze, and a strange bearded gypsy lady combine with an unlikely hero for comedy and murder in the 13th greatest show on earth. Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: August - October 2005; Revived Jan. - March 2010

I Killed Lucy

Filmmaker Orton Wells guest stars in Lucy's final episode! Ricky's big break as a Hollywood star and Fred's investment in the film is spoiled by Lucy and Ethel - with fatal consequences.Written by Bert Furiol & Butch Maxwell

Original run: January - March 2007.

You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown

Chuckie Brown is still as much a loser as ever - just ask his dog, Scoopy. When Chuckie's friend, Minus, stages the biggest Great Pumpkin Festival ever, it draws back to town the ever-artistic Schrover and ever-crabby Moocy. It all leads to murder in the Pumpkin Patch! Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell.

Original run: October - November 2007.

The Menace of the Super Duper Party-Pooper

Now fallen upon hard times, the hero formerly know by a bat symbol allows his faithful companion, Rotten, to throw a birthday party for SuperDuperMan with disaterous results! Invited guests include reformed villian CattyWoman and uninvited is super villian Alexis Luthor. Could this be the last bithday party for SuperDuperMan? Well, if you believe the sub-title, it is! Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell.

Original run: May-July 2001, Revived July - August 2007

Elliot Brick's Case of the Ditz and the Diamond

After being missing for nearly 80 years, the Oglebay Diamond is discovered by a park groundskeeper. The diamond is to be donated to Oglebay Institute in a special ceremony, but the Institute fears that someone may try to steal it before it is officially turned over. Enter one of Wheeling's top five or six private detectives, Elliot Brick. It turns out to be a case involving larceny, murder... and a few twisted songs. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli.

Original run: June - August 1998; Revived April - July 2005.

Tales from the Script

Who is the most frightening creature? Could it be a monster made out of parts from dead people, a man who turns into a half-wolf/half-man under a full moon, a mysterious undead count with a thirst for blood, or a Southern politician bent on re-election? Set in 1950, the action centers on the reunion film of three of the horror movie genre’s top box office draws. The studio, Universatile Pictures, has high hopes for the movie, as do the stars, despite the fact that they keep firing the writers and directors and they still don’t have a completed script by the time shooting begins. As if the combined egos of the three washed-up stars were not enough to sink the project, the planned comeback falls into double jeopardy with the arrival of Congressman Beauregard “Foghorn” Jackson the Fourth and his assistant, Miss Thistlewhistle. The congressman is intent upon getting national headlines – and votes – by exposing Hollywood movie stars as Communists. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Fuioli

Original run: September - November 2003; Revived often.

E.A.T. (The Extra Added Terrestrial)

A dangerous alien, in disguise as an ordinary human, drains the life out of humans, and it is on the lose at a convention for marginalized extremists, paranoids and occult freaks. Who will be able to reveal the alien? The guy running the conference - a middle-aged geek who wears a tin foil hat and has a split personality? Or the keynote speaker, a self-procliamed expert on the paranormal? The cynical and ambitious tabliod reporter? Or the two mysterious government agents, dressed perpetually in black? The Truth Is Way Outa There! Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: January - April 2003.

Something Stinks at P.U.

Its back to school for the Mystery Theatre as three professors and one very spoiled co-ed at Prestigious University suddenly have to deal with the unexpected demise of their retiring dean. "Something Stinks at P.U." when they realize that someone killed for his job. Written by David Barluch

Original run: October 2000.

Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?

Yes, the eternal question “Is that your final answer?” takes on deadly proportions in the interactive murder mystery, “Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?” Set during the live broadcast of a popular game show, which has become the network’s anchor seven days a week. A millionaire in his own right, the host is mysteriously murdered. Was it the show’s stage manager, or one of the contestants: successful salesman Tom Bastic, homemaker Zoë Spatafore, and proctologist Dr. Fanny Reamer? Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: June - September 2000.

License to Spy or And Then There Was No! Dr. No

The world is not enough as two secret agents, one British and one American, have been dispatched to thwart the expected heist of a super-secret microchip. They are supposed to meet two other spies but when a third appears, it is unclear which of them is supposed to be on their team. This renders the mission improbable. Written by Joseph J. Cannito.

Original run: April - June 2000.

Damn! Damn! That Rotten Old Nottingham!

ln the Forest of Sherwood near the village of Nottingham, in Merry Olde England, some twenty years since the story you already know, several semi-Historic characters, including one very famous arrow-slinging outlaw, suddenly find themselves confronted by revolting peasants, a rigged contest, invading Saxons, and sudden death. Written by David J. Feilding

Original run: January - March 2000.

DOA in the Y2K (Murder in the Millennium)

It is not exactly the same Auld Lang Syne when a survivalist, a computer geek, a new-age spiritualist, whacked-out evangelist and a befuddled forest ranger converge in an unlikely setting on New Years Eve 1999! With almost certain doom at midnight, it’s a party to end all parties! Written by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

Original run: November - December 1999.

Variety Is the Spice of Death.

TV ratings can be MURDER! That’s clear with a visit the set of the popular 1950’s TV variety show, The Primo Donna Variety Hour! The head writer is a hard-drinking has-been, the production assistant is a mousy muscle mama, the junior writer has stars in his eyes, the producer is a world-class battle ax and ex-wife to the star, who himself is... well, does the name Primo Donna tell you anything?

Original run: January - February 1997; Revival June - July 1999.


The Tragic Death of Alfred the Squatty

Journey back in time to the days when tables were round, when chivalry ruled and suits rusted if you tried to air dry them... As a Ninth Century nation's beloved and grumpy king is separated from his head! Is it the work of his heair apparent and offspring? or a rejected lover? or a jealous knight? or an upstart squire? or the magic of the mysterious wizard? Written by Joseph J. Cannito

Original run: April - May 1999.

Avast Ye Murderous Swabs (The Pirate Show)

The pirates of a tiny, decrepid ship in the late 1700's bungle a kidnapping attempt and somehow one of them ends up mysteriously dead... Yo ho ho and a bottle of dumb! Written by David Fielding.

Original run: January - March 1999.

You Bet Jurassic He's Dead - The Caveman Show

A pre-hysteric mystery set at the Society of Pre-Historic Inventors' Convention at the lovely Holiday Caves Inn in downtown La Brea, California on the 10th of June, 1 million years B.C. The Mystery Theatre went Neanderthal with this one. Written by David Fielding.

Original run: September - October 1998.

IIl Morte di Figaro or I Know Why the Fat Lady Sings

In which several kooky characters in a failing Opera company, their lives and destinies intricately intertwined with the business and each other, are confronted with a grizzly murder on the opening night of their newest operatic masterpiece. It all takes place in the greenroom/lounge of the Notta SoHotta National Opera Company and Bistro, a famous opera house in uptown Chicago, located close to scenic Lake Michigan, sometime during the 1930s. Written by David Fielding.

Original run: March - May 1998.

Montana Marie Gets Gunned Down at Three

Several characters from the Old West, their lives and destinies intertwined in their frontier town of Camel Rock, must confront their nemesis: Sheriff Montana Marie, who will, by the time the sun goes down, meet her grizzly end. Written by David Fielding.

Original run: September - October 1997.

Recipe for Murder: (The Great Chefs Show)

Who's killing the great international chefs? Is it the loutish Italian Alfredo Cappuccino, the drunken Scotsman Angus McAnus, the French vixen Jacqueline St. Coquille, the American redneck Billy Bob, his assistant, the German Wunderkid Wiener Schnitzel or famed TV cook Julia Childish? Suitable for all ages.

Original run: July - August 1997.

Happiness is a Warm Gun: (The Beatles Show)

The action centers on the antics of Lord Albert Hall, a financially-challenged member of the British aristocracy who comes into the possession of an unfinished John Lennon recording. Although he barely knows who the Beatles were, he contacts them and offers to sell the tape to the highest bidder. Obnoxious and incessantly singing, Hall meets representatives of the formerly Fab Four, and manages to enrage each of them. Written by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli

Original run: May - July 1997.

A Medium for Murder: (The Art Collector Show)

An art collector is dead under mysterious circumstances and his recently re-written will is missing. Contenders for the fortune are the ambitious and lusty sister of the dead man (Aunt Goldie), the hormone-supercharged daughter of the deceased (Penny), the curator of the art collection (Mike), the mysterious Madame Futura and faithful butler Peeves.

Original run: March - April 1997.

Take Me Out of the Ball Game (The Baseball Show)

A washed-up minor league baseball player battles with his long-suffering manager, his equally long-suffering girlfriend, a new (but very stupid) young star hitter, and a feisty front-office worker who is probably a better ball player than he is!

Original run: September - October 1996.

Speakeasy, Die Hard - (The Gangster Show)

Set in the Black Sox, a 1920’s Private Speakeasy, Vinnie the Sauce Boss has made enemies all over town, including with some of his best friends. Vinnie V seems to have something on everybody, including his girl friend, Shirley, on Wayne, his would-be comedian host, and he has something on his old friend Ray, a cop-turned PI. Vinnie even apparently, has under his power a mysterious Russian soothsayer.. What Vinnie does with this information can lead to murder!

Original run: July - August 1996; Revived often.

Last updated: March 27, 2024