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Survivor on Killigan's Island


Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell

Who will be voted off the island? And what will become of the castaway who is voted off? Could it be murder? A mystery? Or merely the network canceling the show?

The seven castaways have been trapped on Killigan's tropical desert island since the U.S.S. Minnie crash-landed there during an ill-fated three-hour tour back in 1964. After a moderately successful three-year run on CBS, the show was cancelled, leaving the characters doomed to be trapped forever in syndicated reruns.

Survivor on Killigan's Island cast

2014 Cast:
Skippy: Michael Moran
Killigan: Butch Maxwell
Thurston Bowell IIII: Bert Furioli
Lovey Bowell: Ryan Sears
Gingerlee: Renee Zelinski
Mary Jane: Shannan Noe
Professor: Guest Lecturer
Sherwood Schwartz: Butch Maxwell

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Original Run: February 13 through April 10, 2002 - Revival January - February 2015

Last updated: March 1, 2015