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Since joining the cast in 2007, he has become a principal actor in many shows, and became a co-author of some of the shows starting in 2011.

Ryan Sears

He appeared in Towngate Theatre's production of "Matches" and "The Compleate Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)" in 2009 and in the rivival at Wheeling Jesuit University in March 2011. He is also a member of Oglebay Institute's Towngate Theatre's improv troupe, The Left of Centre Players.

He appeared in "Suburban Garden" at ITC in April, 2009.

Ratso Tin Man Barney Strife Allen Woodley Toronto Mata Hairy Heath Richard Anthony Bordeaux Snooty
Jeb Clampett Professor Warner WoofMan Detective Lennie Crisco Old King Cole Ratso Marvin Gardens Grandma Ryan Sears as Woody Allen as Scrooge Chester Oboyovich Ryna Sears as Professor Plumb-loco Cinderhella

He also played Vladmir in "Waiting for Godot."

Lord Culler Brecknell Eli Johnson Newt Diamond Mrs. Peacock-a-Doodle-Doo Captain Boobing Margaret Dripdrysdale Bernie Flanders Baron Von Halen Anthony Strongarm Mr. Spork Sttardate 2017

Other roles included Fagen in "Oliver!" and Feste in "Twelfth Night."

Among his many acting credits with other companies, Ryan played the MC in Wheeling Jesuit University's "Cabaret." He is a musician, too, playing bass in the band Mr. Fancy Pants and in the Pussyfooters band.

Garth Vader Leonard Beerstein Orton Welles Rudy the Raindeer Lovely Bowell

Scoopy Sid Geaser Grandma

His Mystery Theatre credits

As principal actor:

TinMan ~ The Wizard of Odds (2006, 2008, 2010)
Allen Woodley ~ Nothing Much About Doo-Doo (2007, 2009, 2015)
Scoopy ~ You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown (2007)
Heath Richard ~ Kill Phil (2008, 2011)
Ratso ~ Indiana Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Sequel (2008, 2012)
Lenny Crisco/Tony Strongarm/Chester Oboyovich/others ~
Coleslaw & Order (2009, 2012)
Professor Werner Van Braun ~ Mind Over Murder (2009)
Deputy Barney Strife ~ Mayberry R.I.P. (2010, 2013, 2015)
Eli Johnson ~ Rock 'em Dead (2010)
Santa Claus ~ Slay Ride 6: Santa's Last Christmas (2010)
Lord Culler Brecknell ~ The Pirates of Poughkeepsie (2011, 2014)
Ratso ~ The Strange Case of Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype (2011 and 2017 revival)
Scrooge ~ A Deadly Christmas Carol (2011, 2016)
Anthony Bordeaux ~ Who Killed the Top Chef? (2012)
Baron Von Halen ~
Mission: Unpossible (2012-13)
Marvin Gardens ~ Dead of the Class (2013)
Ratso ~ The Calamityville Horror (2013)
Leonard Beerstein ~ Overture for an Undertaker (2014)
Toronto ~ How the West Was Dumb (2014)
Cinderhella ~ Happily Never After (2015)
Garth Vader ~ Star Bores (2016)
Will Quentin/Bernie Flanders/Third Party Candidate ~ Dead of State (2016)

As an understudy or in revival:

Rudy the Reindeer ~ Slay Ride - CSI: North Pole (2005, 2014)
Sid Geaser ~ Murder at the Kit Kat Klub (2006)
Dexter Small ~ Murder on the Luv Boat (2006)
Big Bad Wolf Jr. ~ Once Upon a Crime (2006)
Mrs. Peacock-a-Doodle-Doo ~ Elliot Brick's Case of the Maltese Ferret (2006)
Ratso ~ Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom (2007)
Orton Welles ~ I Killed Lucy (2007)
Jeb Clampett ~ The Capitol Hillbillies (2007)
Ron Cheyney (Woofman)~ Tales from the Script (2007, 2010)
Rudy the Reindeer ~ Slay Ride - CSI: North Pole (2007)
Old King Cole ~ Once Upon a Crime (2007-2008)
Captain Boobing ~ Murder on the Luv Boat (2008)
Newt Diamond ~ Murder at the Kit Kat Klub (2008)
Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride IV: Revenge of the Claus (2008)
Tyler Thwart ~ One Life to Lose (2009)
Orton Welles ~ I Killed Lucy (2009)
Elish Prezley - Slay Ride 3: Elliot Brick's Case of the Femme Fatale (2009)

Mata Hairy ~ Murder Under the Big Top (2010)
Grandma ~ Once Upon a Crime (2011)
Professor Plumb-Loco ~ Elliot Brick's Case of the Maltese Ferret (2012)

Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride II (2012)
Lovely Bowell ~ Survivor on Killigan's Island (2015)
Elfish Prezley
~ Slay Ride VI: Santa's Last Christmas (2015)
Margaret Dripdrysdale ~ The Capitol Hillbillies (2016)
Mr. Spork ~ Space Trek (2017)

Mary Sweeny Todd Kerry (aka Snooty) ~ My Big Fat Reality Wedding (2017)