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Actress emeritus, co-founder of the group, she was principal actor for her roles in the Mystery Theatre's first 15 shows. Following her departure in 1999, she understudied for other shows. She briefly returned as pricipal actor, such as Mrs. Claus in 2003's "Slay Ride 4" and Bambi McHooter in the 2010 revival of "Salon..." She still understudies occasionally, and at times, she agrees to act as pincipal cast memeber.

Vera Barton

Misty Storm Bambi Thistlewhistle Tammy Cash 2017 Tammy Cash 2014 Vera Mrs. Claus Wynonna Opera

She was in Towngate Theatre's 2017 production of "Noises Off" and is a member of Towngate's Left of Center Players improv group. She was featured in ITC's night of one acts in September 2009, including in Butch Maxwell's play "Fine," and in ITC's "Christmas Carol' at the Capitol Theatre in December of 2009. She was in Towngate Theatre's September 2003 production of "A Streetcar Named Desire," and the May 2003 production of "The Sunshine Boys," and, in 1998, "The Gingerbread Lady." Star of commercials, billboards and other media, she has in recent years played lead roles in such diverse plays as Music Hall Players' "Once Upon a Mattress" and "Pipin" to Towngate's "Who's Afraid of Viginia Woolf?" and Cornerstone's "Three Viewings." She directed Wheeling Jesuit University's spring '99 production of "Man of La Mancha" and then starred in Towngate's version in Fall '99.

Calamity Joan Elfish Cowgirl Princess Booty Girl TammyLorettaMargarita ColetteHellary Quentin

She appeared in "The Last Night of Ballyhoo" at Towngate in December '99 and directed Wheeling Jesuit's "Godspell" in March-April 2000 and "Cabaret" in March 2001.

As principal actor:

Shirley Laverne ~ Speakeasy, Die Hard (1996)
Connie Mackel ~ Take Me Out of the Ball Game (1996)
Mrs. Claus ~ Slay Ride (1996)
Eileen Wright ~ Variety Is the Spice of Death (1997)
Penny VaanCash ~ A Medium for Murder (1997)
Linda Eastman McCartney ~Happiness Is a Warm Gun (1997)
Jacqueline St. Coquille ~Recipe for Murder (1997)
Sallie Mae ~ Shoot-Out at the Double-U Dude Ranch (1997)
Bambi McHooter ~ Salon, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, You're Dead (1998 and 2010)
Hattie Donovan ~ Il Morte di Figaro (1998)
Tammy Cash ~ Murder in the Mansion Museum (1998)
Wynonna ~ You Bet Jurassic He's Dead (1998)
Mrs. Claus ~ Slay Ride 2: Fright Christmas (1998)
Magarita ~ Avast Ye Murderous Swabs (1999)
Princess Nikki Ophelia ~ The Tragic Death of Alfred the Squatty (1999)
Mrs. Claus ~ Slay Ride VI (2003)
Hellary Quentin ~ Dead of State (2016)
Tammy Cash ~ My Big Fat Reality Wedding (2017)

As understudy:

Loretta LaDiva ~ The Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz (2000)
Katherine DePravia ~ One Life to Lose (2003)
Honeydew Thistlewhistle ~ Tales from the Script (2003, 2004, 2007, 2010)
Elfish Prezley ~ Slay Ride IV (2004)
Misty Storm ~ Murder at the Kit Kat Klub (2006)
Colette ~ Mind Over Murder (2009)
Binaca ~ Rock 'em Dead (2010)
Tammy Cash ~ Overture for an Undertaker (2014)
Calamity Joan ~ How the West Was Dumb (2014)

In revival:

Shirley LaVerne ~ Speakeasy, Die Hard (all runs)
Mrs. Claus ~ Slay Ride (1997)
Mrs. Claus ~ Slay Ride VI (2003)
Mrs. Claus ~ Slay Ride II (2013)

The Mystery Theatre Unlimited, at various times, features:

Josh DeBeni
Butch Maxwell
Evan Oslund
Dustin Heavilin
Melody Meadows
Meghan Ross
Michael Moran
Ryan Sears

Emeritus members of The Mystery Theatre Unlimited Company:

Gino Angelo
Bert Furioli
Dee McCorkle Gregg
Vera Barton
Arlene Merryman
Frank Wilson
Cheryl Burke
Renee Zelinski

Other people who have appeared with The Mystery Theatre Unlimited Company:
Kathy Barton

Kevin Dennis

Deborah Frazier
Shannan Noe
Larry Carlisle
Bob Dever
P.D. Gregg
Rachel Podwika
Katie Crosbie
Jim Ellis
Jody Melto
Michael Ramsay
Sean Decker
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Mario Muscar

Last updated: September 24, 2017