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Murder on the Minnow

by David J. Fielding

The pirates of a tiny, decrepid ship in the late 1700's bungle a kidnapping attempt and somehow one of them ends up mysteriously dead...

Yo ho ho and a bottle of dumb!

Pirate Show Cast

P.D. Gregg, Vera Barton-Caro, Dee McCorkle, Gino Angelo, front: Butch Maxwell

All of the action of this Murder Mystery-Comedy takes place on the fore-deck of the smallest pirate ship to ever sail the seven seas, the Minnow's Revenge; which at various moments in time will be several miles off the southern tip of Spain, or anchored in a lagoon called Thunder Cove, which is located on the coast small mountainous island southwest of the Spanish Coast.

The date is the 19th of July, 1725.

Captian Felix Morgan..... Gino Angelo
First Mate "Salty" Pepper..... Dee McCorkle
Cutlass Jack ..... Butch Maxwell
One-Eye Peg-Leg Pete..... P.D. Gregg(or Bert Furioli)
Miss Margarita Corrina Juanita Seville..... Vera Barton-Caro
Countess Felicia Estelle Juliana Seville..... Gino Angelo

Original Play dates: January-February 1999



Last updated: October 16, 2008