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What Makes Mystery Theatre Unlimited Different?

Two big things - our shows and our actors.

Our Shows
A lot of companies offer murder mysteries - and most of them have been written by the same three or four writers.

We've seen the scripts. And we won't do them.

Our original comedy shows break the mold of stock characters and cliché settings. We emphasize originality, fun and creativity. Our seasoned comedy writers who are resident performers of Mystery Theatre Unlimited write our shows. These guys have more than 30 years experience in writing comedy for the stage - and it shows! They have written more than 50 shows exclusively for Mystery Theatre Unlimited.

Our Actors
Mystery Theatre Unlimited features a tight ensemble of actual professional actors, improvisation artists, singers and comedians. We don't have open auditions, pull in relatives to play parts or recruit kids from high school, as many companies do. Mystery Theatre Unlimited's group of actors has evolved over the years, but it remains a core of a handful of pros who work together all the time. And in comedy, there's nothing like the chemistry of a real ensemble.

Now, we're not saying everybody else stinks. We know of a couple that are pretty good, and have the same high standards we do. But far and away, most murder mystery dinner theatre companies are bland, boring and formulaic - just the sort of things that give murder mysteries and dinner theatre a bad name. We are different.

And There's More!
Other factors that make us different are what we don't claim to do.

  • We do adapt our shows to fit groups.
  • We don't franchise our shows. They are unique and original. With a few rare exceptions, you won't see our shows anywhere else. (Out of over 60 shows, we have written a few that are performed by another company, and we sometimes perform one of theirs.)
  • We don't inflate our credentials. We don't need to. Our actors are local professionals who have done a lot of other work, but we won't claim they are movie stars.

Go ahead. Compare us to any other murder mystery company. You'll see why we've outlasted most everyone else.

Last updated: December 15, 2022