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Murder at the Kit Kat Klub


by Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell

The Kit Kat Klub used to be the top cat of the Poconos lounges, but now, in 1963, owner Sid Geaser is in serious financial trouble. His permanent headliner, Crooner Newt Diamond is past his prime, if he ever had one, and he isn't drawing in the crowds like he used to.

Desperate to get help, Sid tries to borrow money from a successful Las Vegas singer Johnny Rival, who once performed at his club.

Meanwhile Newt still believes he is Mr. Personality on stage, but offstage he is too painfully shy to ask a girl out. He is in love with Sid's niece, exotic dancer Misty Storm, but her past includes a teenage betrothal to an awkward nerd named Claude.

Before the night is over - it's a battle of the Lounge Lizards - and somebody will be knocking them dead!

Bert Furioli, Butch Maxwell, Ryan Sears, Gretchen Schneider and Sean Decker

2008 Cast:
Sid Geaser
Sean Decker
Newt Diamond
Ryan Sears
Misty Storm
Gretchen Schneider
Johnny Rival
Butch Maxwell
Claude Hammer
Bert Furioli

Original Cast:
Sid Geaser
Gino Angelo
Newt Diamond
Michael Moran
Misty Storm
Arlene Merryman
Johnny Rival
Butch Maxwell
Claude Hammer
Bert Furioli

Misty Storm - Vera Barton-Caro (May 2006)

Sid Geaser - Ryan Sears (September 2006)
Newt Diamond - Sean Decker (October 2008)

Sid Geaser - Dustin Heavlin (October 2008)


Original Run: March 16 - June 22, 2006, and late September 2006 -- Revival August 2008

Last updated: October 19, 2008