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Kit Kat Klub exterior

The Kit Kat Klub - the Caesar's Palace of the Poconos - features nightly entertainment with an assortment of magicians, comedians, ventriloquists, and exotic dancers such as Misty Storm. The permanent headliner is singer Newt Diamond. Owned and operated by Sid Geaser, this mountaintop nightclub launched the careers of such luminaries as puppeteer Buffalo Bob, vocal group the Chipmunks and, more recently, singer Johnny Rival.

Evan Oslund as Sid Geaser
Sid Geaser: Once thought to have a great eye for talent, he developed an insatiable taste for booze. Shortly after hiring Newt, audiences have stayed away, and that, along with some bad investments on horses, is promising certain foreclosure on the club. (Evan Oslund)

Michael Moran as Newt Diamond
Newt Diamond: He is a legend in certain circles - very small ones. Best known for his Top 100 hit "Innamorata-Da-Vita (Baby)." (It hit number 87 in October of 1951), he toured nationally, warming up for Jerry Vale and Vic Damone, followed by his own tour headlining at fraternal clubs, weddings and bar mitzvahs. (Michael Moran)

Karissa Martin as Misty Storm
Misty Storm: Sid's niece worked in Reno as a stripper until he found her and brought her back to Pennsylvania, where she does not have to dance with a pole - other than club regular Stanley Poloski. (Karissa Martin)

Dustin Heavilin as Claude Hammer
Claude Hammer: Born Claude Hammerjagermeisterwisenheimer in Austria, he moved to the Brooklyn when he was in high school, where he fell in love with Misty. After this former 97-pound weakling left high school and disappeared, he gained 200 pounds of muscle and lost most of his name.(Dustin Heavilin)

Butch Maxwell as Johnny Rival
Johnny Rival: This swinging crooner is known for his television appearances, a supporting part in a movie and honorary membership in the Rat Pack, but he actually got his start in the Kit Kat Klub several years ago. After his first hit record, "Koo Koo Crazy Baby," he quickly moved on to greener pastures - green with money. (Butch Maxwell)

Kit Kat SignSands marquee

Previous casts

2008 Cast:
Sid Geaser
Sean Decker
Newt Diamond
Ryan Sears
Misty Storm
Gretchen Schneider
Johnny Rival
Butch Maxwell
Claude Hammer
Bert Furioli

Original Cast:
Sid Geaser
Gino Angelo
Newt Diamond
Michael Moran
Misty Storm
Arlene Merryman
Johnny Rival
Butch Maxwell
Claude Hammer
Bert Furioli

Misty Storm - Vera Barton-Caro (May 2006)

Sid Geaser - Ryan Sears (September 2006)
Newt Diamond - Sean Decker (October 2008)

Sid Geaser - Dustin Heavlin (October 2008)

Sean Decker as Sid Geaser Ryan Sears as Newt Diamond Gretchen Schneider as Misty Storm Bert Furioli as Claude Hammer Butch Maxwell as Johnny Rival
Above: From previous casts, from right: Sean Decker as Sid Geaser, Ryan Sears as Newt Diamond, Gretchen Schneider as Misty Story, Bert Furioli as Claude Hammer, and Butch Maxwell as Johnny Rival.

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Last updated: May 5, 2018