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or The King is Dead, He's Lost His Head
Quick, Find It Before Someone Notices!

Written by Joseph J. Cannito
Dee McCorkle, Gino Angelo, PD Gregg, Vera Barton-Caro and Butch Maxwell
Original run dates April 7 through June 2, 1999
Journey back in time to the days when tables were round, when chilvalry ruled and suits rusted if you tried to air dry them... As a Ninth Century nation's beloved and grumpy king is separated from his head! Is it the work of his heair apparent and offspring? or a rejected lover? or a jealous knight? or an upstart squire? or the magic of the mysterious wizard?
King Alfred The Squatty (Mr. E Guest)
Reigning king of the Isles of Langerhans and an avid gargoyle watcher, Alfred as of late is rumored to be plagued by dark dreams of disaster and doom, stemming from some mysterious event in the past.
Sir Loine of Beoffe
knightSir Loine Of Beoffe (
Gino Angelo)

Knight of the Realm and Keeper of The Royal Seal. Sir Loine is not too happy with his present job, as the seal is old and grumpy and causes his quarters to smell fishy and squid-like, due to the large quantities of these products needed to feed the animal.
Reginald the Obtuse

KnightReginald The Obtuse (P.D. Gregg)
Half brother to the King and the Palace Seer and Magician. He spends long hours planning and plotting in his quarters, three floors below the dungeons.

Princess Nikki Ophelia

quillPrincess Nikki Ophelia (Vera Barton-Caro)
Step-daughter of the King and full-time shopper, Nikki spends most of her time entertaining visiting royal princes at royal balls and parties, or else spending hours with her fellow princesses at the local Langerhans Village Mall, trying on lingerie from Vivaca's Secret and tasting the local cuisine from the Food Court.

Master Bates
shieldYoung Master Bates (Butch Maxwell)
Sir Loine's page, this lad appeared on the doorsteps of the Palace seventeen years ago fulfilling the ancient prophecy, "And there shall come a young boy dressed in peasant clothes with a sachel around his waist, his stockings pulled loosely down to his knees. And he shall go forth and bring piss on the Kingdom...", which is exactly what they caught him doing at the front door of the Castle.

Bunhilde of Gothland

townBrunhilde Of Gothland (Dee McCorkle)
Visiting dignitary from the barbarian Northe Kingdoms, she is here in Langerhans on a mission of peace.
Gnashfang the Piqued
Gnashfang The Piqued
Resident Dragon and Nemesis of The Realm, this noisome beast had been terrorizing the kingdom for years until Sir Loine slayed it several years back.

It is feudal to resist this one!

Last updated: October 16, 2008