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by David J. Fielding

author of the cowboy show "Shoot Out at the Double U Dude Ranch or Montana Marie Gets Gunned Down at Three"

Several kooky characters in a failing opera company, their lives and destinies intricately intertwined with the business and each other, are confronted with a grizzly murder on the opening night of their newest operatic masterpiece.

[Opera Show Cast]

Above: Michael Moran, Vera Barton-Caro, Butch Maxwell, Arlene Merryman, Frank Wilson,

It all takes place in the greenroom/lounge of the Notta SoHotta National Opera Company and Bistro, a famous opera house in uptown Chicago, located close to scenic Lake Michigan, sometime during the 1930's.

Antonio Bandanna/Thor Bludgeon/Chief Detective Horace J. Wompaski~Frank Wilson
Mrs. Kathleen O'Grady ~Arlene Merryman
Hattie Donovan ~Vera Barton-Caro
Guiseppe Ricardo ~Michael Moran
Chuck George ~Butch Maxwell

Details of the Opera Show

Original Public Performance Dates: March - May 1998

Last updated: October 16, 2008