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Antonio Bandanna

(Frank Wilson)


The part of Antonio Bandana shown above in the person of Frank Wilson, was also played by Michael Moran.

He came to America with his family as a little boy at the turn of the century. He soon fled his new home in the Bronx however, as soon as he learned that his father was planning to make money with his son's singing career by making him one of the castrati; a fate Antonio is very glad to have escaped. Now he is the leading man and operatic diva. Antonio has been with the Notta SoHotta Opera Company from the beginning. He has invested heavily not only in the opera company but in a failing baseball team, the Lake Michigan Walleyes, a specialty restaurant called the Flying Falafel and several other shady dealings that were set up by his cousin; Tony "Fingers" Minelli, a known mobster and racketeer. He is hoping that his performance of 'Achilles' in "A Horse Full of Trojans" will catapult him into the spotlight and lead him to the fame and riches he believes he deserves.

Mrs. Kathleen O'Grady

(Arlene Merryman or Dee McCorkle)


The part of Kathleen O'Grady, shown above in the person of Arlene Merryman, was also played by Dee McCorkle.

Socialite, debutante, widow and owner of the Notta SoHotta Opera Company, Ms. Kathleen (as she prefers to be called) has been a pillar of the Chicago community for most of her adult life. She has had numerous love affairs with famous or prominent men, and is known for her philanthropy and seemingly bottomless thirst. It is rumored that she once drank W.C. Fields under the table at a dinner party a few years ago. While not quite as pessimistic as the others about the opera company's future, she is taking a huge gamble by producing the company's present show: A Horse Full of Trojans, based on the ancient Greek writings of Homer.

In addition to her generous monetary gifts to her many paramours, Ms. Kathleen has contributed money to some very obscure and questionable charities, including: the Donald Herndock memorial fund (even though Mr. Herndock is still living), the greater Chicago Insect and Arachnid Petting Zoo, the "Let's Keep Lake Erie Salty" committee, and Senator Bob Nostril's bid to make the dirigible the optimum mode of transportation in America.

Hattie Donovan

(Vera Barton-Caro)


The part of Hattie Donovan, shown above in the person of Vera Barton-Caro

General Manager of the Notta SoHotta Opera Company, Hattie is also one of the company's major stockholders. She is the person who is responsible for choosing the company's season of shows and for also keeping the tensions between the stars and the crew at a minimum. A very dedicated, sweet-hearted woman, Hattie is almost at the end of her rope; if the company fails to make a profit with it's next show, she will be forced to sell her stock in order to keep her head above water. While not happy with the Company's choice of shows this season, Hattie is doing her best to try and spark the public's interest in the Opera Company. She has launched a massive advertising campaign for A Horse Full of Trojans: She has entered the show's major set piece - a giant, wooden Trojan Horse - into an exhibition race at the Belmont Stakes.

Thor Bludgeon

(Frank Wilson)


The part of Thor Bludgeon, shown above in the person of Frank Wilson, was also played by Michael Moran.

Mr. Bludgeon is the right hand man for Tony "Fingers" Minelli, a cousin of Antonio's whom has a monetary interest in the Pantages Theatre and the Notta SoHotta Opera Company. Thor is here to make sure that Mr. Minelli's niece, Alicia, is allowed to perform in "A Horse Full of Trojans"... or else!

Bludgeon's previous occupations before coming into the employ of "Fingers" Minelli, were: construction worker, circus strongman, teamster, and curator of the Chicago Museum of Fine Art.

Guiseppe Ricardo

(Michael Moran)


The part of Guiseppe. shown above in the person of Michael Moran, was also played by P.D. Gregg.

Janitor and Handyman for the Notta SoHotta Opera Company, Giuseppe has practically lived and worked at the Pantages Theatre House for nearly 30 years. He is responsible for the sets for the shows looking good and making sure that the Theatre is safe and sound. He has a reputation as a great drinker, but he claims he has never really liked the taste of alcohol. He says that he only drinks to alleviate the great headaches he receives after waking up from one of his week-long drunken binges. Giuseppe was fired from his previous job at the fabulous WinterGarden in New York after it was discovered that he was running the counter-weight fly system while completely snockered on cough syrup.

Chuck George

(Butch Maxwell)


The part of Chuck George, shown above in the person of Butch Maxwell

Stage Manager and Personal Assistant to Ms. O'Grady, Chuck George has also been with the Notta SoHotta Opera Company from the beginning. He has wanted to be a part of show business from his early childhood, and has grand dreams of one day being recognized for giving one of the greatest performances of all time, in an Opera he himself has written, entitled: Don Giovanni on Mars. He is also convinced that the Pantages Theatre is haunted by the vengeful ghost of a former opera singer who died some years back. He was bitten by the acting bug at a young age. Chuck made his first stage debut in grade school, as the Sugar Plum Fairy in an avant garde, all male production of the Nutcracker, appropriately titled, "You Crack Mine and I'll Crack Yours".

Chief Detective Horace J. Wompaski

(Frank Wilson)


The part of Horace Wompawski, shown above in the person of Frank Wilson, was also played by Michael Moran.

Police detective and captain of his bowling team, Det.Wompaski has been after the 'Phantom' that haunts the beautiful downtown Pantages theatre for the last ten years. He is also one heck of a quilter.

Detective Wompaski once spent an entire night disguised as a fire hydrant in order to catch a gang of local hoodlums. Unfortunately and fire broke out nearby and it took three hours for them to remove the fire hose from his face.

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Last updated: October 9, 2008