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You'll be slashing through the snow in a super sequel to the original "Slay Ride" by the same authors who committed the original. This time, Santa has double-jeopardy with a hostile take-over brewing and a serial killer on the loose.

Slay Ride II Cast 2012 

There is nothing silent about this night!


[Cast Photo]

Above: Original Cast

Christmas is in jeopardy as Santa Claus faces two of the biggest challenges to his career. Not only does he face a hostile takeover of the North Pole, but a mysterious serial killer threatens to do away with all his reindeer and elves.

[Little Pic]

Frosty, Elfish, Santa and Mrs. Claus

Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell, who wrote the original, have taken the charge of writing a sequel almost seriously. And when you think of sequels, particularly in the line of murder, you think of that pop culture standard: Slasher movies. No one does sequels as often as the people who made movies such as "Halloween" or "Nightmare on Elm Street." So here is a parody the format.

The result is a darkly funny tale of a Santa stalker compounded with a corporate takeover plot. It is laced with references to horror movies as well as seasonal humor and sprinkled with a few Christmas song send-ups.

You don't have to know anything about horror movies to enjoy the show. It is all broad, silly stuff that should appeal to anyone except perhaps children under 12.

Returning from the original story are the beleaguered Santa Claus (played by Frank Wilson as seen below, or understudy Gino Angelo or Dustin Heavilin in 2012.)

[The Claus ]

...his socialite wife, who is champion of liberal causes, such as a movement to "save the icebergs." Mrs. Claus is portrayed by Vera Barton-Caro(below) or understudy Arlene Merryman or Shannan Noe in 2012.

[Mrs. C.]

...and his chief elf, the nebbish efficiency expert who knows just a little too much about teen slasher movies, Elfish Prezley (Katie Crosbie, pictured below, or Dee McCorkle or Ryan Sears in 2012).

[The Elf]

New characters this year are the sinister millionaire Cooper DeVille (Larry Carlisle as seen below, or P.D. Gregg or Butch Maxwell in 2012)...


...and Santa's lawyer, Frosty D. Snowman (Butch Maxwell or Bert Furioli in 2000 and 2012)... Yeah, Frosty lost a lot of weight after last year's mild winter.

[The Snowman]


Original Performance Dates:

November - December 1998

Cast Photo

Revival Performance Dates:

November - December 2000 & November - December 2012

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Last updated: November 12, 2012