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Santa gets a call.
Santa gets a call from a sinister person - intent on murder!

Elfish shares phone with Santa. Elfish and Santa
Santa's chief elf, Elfish, tries to help.

Mrs. Claus Mrs. Claus Santa and Mrs. Claus with Baby Jesus
Mrs. Claus, however, has her own agenda.

Elfish Elfish
Elfish has hired a lawyer to help Santa out.

Frosty Frosty D. Snowman Pete Fernbaugh as Frosty
Frosty D. Snowman, attorney, incorporated the North Pole as SantaCo and sold shares.

Cooper DeVille DeVille
Shares of SantaCo are all be purchased by one person: Cooper DeVille.

DeVille and Mrs. C DeVille kisses Mrs. Claus' hand.
DeVille and Mrs. Claus have a little history.

Ghostface 1 Ghostface 2
Meanwhile, the North Pole is haunted by a serial killer!

Ghostface chases Frosty.
Who will survive?

Elfish Mask Elfish gak.
Will Elfish be able to save the day? Or is she the masked killer?

Frosty's briefs Frosty's briefs 2
Will Frosty's legal briefs help?

Santa on bridge.
Will St. Nick's dispair lead him to Santacide?

Santa Fight 1 Santa Fight 2 Santa Fight 3 Santa Fight 4
Who will win the fight to run the North Pole?

The Original Production

Slay Ride 2 original cast Frank Wilson as Santa Claus Vera Barton-Caro as Mrs. Claus

Above: Santa Claus as played by Frank Wilson in 1998 and Mrs. Claus as portrayed by Vera Barton-Caro in 1998.

Katie Crosbie as Elfish Larry Butch Maxwell as Frosty

Elfish Prezley as played by Katie Crosbie in 1998, Cooper DeVille as portayed by Larry Carlisle in 1998 and Frosty D. Snowman as played by Butch Maxwell in 1998.

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Last updated: April 22, 2020