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Murder on the Luv Boat


by Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell

Welcome aboard the Luv Boat – where you will be guided – like thousands of lovers before you – through the waters of romance, adventure and gluttony. Captain Boobing personally guarantees that you will rekindle your flames of passion or, at least, toast your buns on the sun deck.
The cast of Mystery Theatre Unlimited's production of Murder on the Luv Boat, from left: Bert Furioli as Hank Rhodes, Valery
Staskey-Roeder as Lois Rhodes, Ryan Sears as Captain Boobing, Arlene Merryman
as Mitzi Small and Butch Maxwell as Dexter Small.

Among the passengers on the ship are, from the left, the boozy Hank Rhodes (also known as Rocky) and his wife, the famed and proficient romance novelist Lois Rhodes. In the center is Captain Boobing. On the far right is Oxblood University Professor Dexter Small, and to his left is his lusty wife, Mitzi. The captain must keep mismatched couples together – or die trying!

Cast: 2004 2008
Captain Boobing Gino Angelo Ryan Sears
Lois Rhodes Cheryl Sassen Valery Staskey-Roeder
Rocky Rhodes Bert Furioli Bert Furioli
Mitzi Small Arlene Merryman Arlene Merryman
Dexter Small Butch Maxwell Butch Maxwell

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Original run April 30 -August 18, 2004 * Revival 2008

Last updated: September 24, 2008