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The Luv Boat will travel the scenic Bermuda Triangle, with stops at exotic locations such as Guantanamo Bay and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Michael Moran as Captain boobing
Captain Boobing has successfully guided 2,999 couples through romantic waters. During his long career, no couple has ever failed to renew commitments to one another. However, a few have come up missing. He worked his way up the ranks to the Luv Boat, previously commanding the Hate Boat, the Ambivalent Boat and then the Not-Quite-Ready-to-Make-a-Long-Term-Commitment Boat.
Dustin Heavilin as Hank Rhodes Melody Meadows as lois Rhodes

Hank Rhodes, son of Dusty, is nicknamed "Rocky" for the rocks in his head. He is here for the food, the gambling and the booze. Please, don't get between him and the bar.  Lois Rhodes is the author of the best-selling books The Lady and the Prince, The Lady and the Duke, and The Lady and the Tramp. Despite her unassuming demeanor, she is thought to be powerfully strong for a woman her size - and she packs a taser stun gun.

Butch Maxwell as Dexter Small Meghan Ross as Mitzi Small

Dexter Small was a precocious child, earning his merit badge for tying knots at the age of four. Unfortunately, he used his skills to hog-tie his scoutmaster. Mitzi Small who married her husband in hopes of getting a little culture into her life, is disappointed that physics professors can't turn lead into gold, so she decided to take this cruise to pick up on the island bargains - and maybe pick up and Islander along the way.
Rocky and Mitzi Lois and Dexter Ryan Sears as Captain Boobing Bert Furioli as Hank Rhodes Arlene Merryman as Mitzi Small Butch Maxwell as Dexter Small Valery Staskey-Roeder as Lois Rhodes

Original Cast (2004) Valery Roeder, Bert Furioli, Ryan Sears, Arlene Merryman and Butch Maxwell
Above left: Original cast (2004) and First Revival Cast (2008)

Cast: 2004 2008 2018
Captain Boobing Gino Angelo Ryan Sears Michael Moran
Lois Rhodes Cheryl Sassen Valery Staskey-Roeder Melody Meadows
Rocky Rhodes Bert Furioli Bert Furioli Dustin Heavilin
Mitzi Small Arlene Merryman Arlene Merryman Meghan Ross
Dexter Small Butch Maxwell Butch Maxwell Butch Maxwell
Understudy (2018): Evan Oslund

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Last updated: February 3, 2018