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Murder Under the Big Top or The Deadliest Show
on Earth
"Murder Under the Big Top"or "The Deadliest Show on Earth"

by Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell

Barney N. Bailey's circus has seen better days. The ringmaster is in over his head in debt and things only get worse as circus workers quit, get injured or disappear. The main attraction is a trapeze act, the Flying Fallindas, featuring a husband and wife team on the verge of divorce. The rest of the circus includes a dour, disagreeable and drunken clown known as Cranky and a mystical gypsy who doubles as the bearded lady, named Mata Hairy. Bailey's beleaguered but ambitious assistant and all around lackey is Sheldon. When someone dies in a mysterious accident, who was the culprit? And, more importantly, how will the show go on? And who will pay for the cotton candy?

Cast shot

Cranky the Clown, Fiona Fallinda, Barney N. Bailey, Sheldon schmutz and Mata Hairy

Flying Fallenda
2010 Cast:

Barney N. Bailey
Bert Furioli
Fiona Fallinda Melody Meadows
Sheldon Butch Maxwell
Mata Hairy Ryan Sears
Cranky the Clown Cheryl Burke
"Murder Under the Big Top"

Original Cast:
Barney N. Bailey
Michael Moran
Fiona Fallinda Arlene Merryman
Sheldon Butch Maxwell
Mata Hairy Gino Angelo
Cranky the Clown Bert Furioli
But sometimes:
Barney N. Bailey (Bert Furioli) | Fiona Fallinda (Cheryl Violette)
Cranky the Clown (Cheryl Saseen) | Sheldon Schmutz (Michael Moran)

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Original Run: August - October 2005; Revival: January - March 2010

Last updated: January 20, 2012