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Barney N. Bailey

Barney N. Bailey (Bert Furioli) the circus ring master has resisted buy-out offers from the Ringtoss Brothers Circus.

Cranky the ClownCranky the Clown (Cheryl Burke), a foul tempered jester, graduated from Jack Daniels’ Clown University.

Fiona Fallenda Fiona Fallinda (Melody Meadows), the circus trapeze artiste, would do anything for her true love – herself.

Mata HairyMata Hairy (Ryan Sears), the circus bearded lady and gypsy psychic, recently had a brief secret affair with Phillipe Fallinda. He left her when she started to shed.
Sheldon SchmutzSheldon Schmutz (Butch Maxwell), the circus go-fer, is a calming influence on the circus animals because they feel sorry for him.

Bert Furioli as Cranky the Clown, Gino Angelo as Mata Hairy, Michael Moran as Barney N. Bailey, Cheryl Violette as Fiona Fallinda and Butch Maxwell as Sheldon Schmutz
Above: First and understudy cast - original run.

Video Highlights (about ten minutes):

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Last updated: January 20, 2012