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Cast Photo

The seven castaways have been trapped on Killigan's tropical desert island since the U.S.S. Minnie crash-landed on it during an ill-fated three-hour tour back in 1964. After a moderately successful three-year run on CBS, the show was cancelled, leaving the castaways doomed to be forever trapped in reruns in syndication, TV Land, Me TV and so on.

The Suspects:

Michael Moran as SkippySkippy: The captain of the ill-fated U.S.S. Minnie is hoping that when he gets off the island, he can sell the story of the shipwreck for a major motion picture.

Bert furioli as Mr. BowellThirsty Bowell III: Billionaire and passenger, he made his fortune in junk bond trading and network marketing.
Ryan Sears as lovely BowellLovely Bowell: Wife of the billionaire and an avid shopper, she comes from money so old, when she bleeds it runs blue.
Renee Zelinsji as GingerleeGingerlee:
Once-promising starlet who believes she would have had a stellar career had the ship not wrecked. If she had stayed home she is sure she would have been cast in "The Valley of the Dolls" and enjoyed the fate of Sharon Tate.
Shannan Noe as Mary JaneMary Jane: The farm-girl from Wisconsin has been since growing some funny mushrooms in recent years.

ProfessorThe Professor: He is formerly a tenured PhD. in engineering.

Butch Maxwell as KilliganKilligan: The bungling first officer of a now-crashed pleasure ship has no idea that everyone blames him for the shipwreck, even though they've been telling him so for decades.

SherwoodSurewould Schwartz: Creator of the hit television series, he is also responsible for "The Braded Bunch." In the series finale for that show, the housekeeper, Malice, was murdered by guest star Donnie Partidge.

Killigan kast

[Pictured above - the original cast, from left, standing: Rachel Podwika as Gingerlee, Gino Angelo as Thirsty Bowell II, Dee McCorkle as Lovely Bowell, Bert Furioli as Skippy; front, kneeling: Arlene Merryman as Mary Jane and Butch Maxwell as Killigan.]

Original Cast:
Skippy: Bert Furioli
Killigan: Butch Maxwell
Thurston Bowell IIII: Gino Angelo
Lovey Bowell: Dee McCorkle
Gingerlee: Rachel Podwika
Mary Jane: Arlene Merryman
Professor: Guest Lecturer
Sherwood Schwartz: Butch Maxwell
Understudies: Gretchen Schneider (2002), Cheryl Burke (2002)

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Last updated: March 1, 2015