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Elliot Brick's Murder in the Mansion Museum or The Case of the Ditz and the Diamond
by Butch Maxwell & Bert Furioli
After being missing for nearly 80 years, the Oglebay Diamond is discovered by a park groundskeeper. The diamond is to be donated to Oglebay Institute in a special ceremony, but the institute fears that someone may try to steal it before it is officially turned over. Enter one of Wheeling's top five or six private detectives, Elliot Brick. It turns out to be a case involving larceny, murder... and a few twisted songs. (More about this show) Gino Angelo, Arlene Merryman, Butch Maxwell, Bert Furioli, Dee McCorkle Above: Standing inside the famous Oglebay Mansion Museum ~ Crispen Wilson Waddington III (Gino Angelo), Mrs. Norton-Sweeny-Todd (Arlene Merryman), Elliot Brick (Butch Maxwell), Mac McGuffin (Bert Furioli) and Tammy Cash (Dee McCorkle),
2005 Cast Crispen Wilson Waddington III Gino Angelo
Mrs. Norton-Sweeny-Todd Arlene Merryman
Tammy Cash Dee McCorkle
Mac McGuffin Bert Furioli
Elliot Brick Butch Maxwell
A Deeper Look into the Casebook (more about this show) "The Mystery Theatre has outdone itself this time. Without a doubt, the funniest show yet!" - the authors (in 1998)
Revival Dates: January - March 2005
Original Run Dates: February - May (Oglebay) and June-August (Riverside) 1998

Last updated: October 9, 2008