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Alien Show
by Bert Furioli & Butch Maxwell

A dangerous alien, in disguise as an ordinary human, drains the life out of humans, and it is on the lose at a convention for marginalized extremists, paranoids and occult freaks.

Who will be able to reveal the alien?

  • The guy running the conference - a middle-aged geek who wears a tin foil hat and has a split personality?
  • Or the keynote speaker, a self-proclaimed expert on the paranormal?
  • The cynical and ambitious tabloid reporter?
  • Or the two mysterious government agents, dressed perpetually in black?
The Truth Is Way Outa There!
Alien Show Cast

Pictured from left, back: Agent R of the newly-renamed, politically-correct Persons in Black, tabloid reporter Greta Van Cistern, alien expert Dr. Reilly Strange, and another Person in Black, Agent U. In the front is Convention for the Unconventional Coordinator Perry Normal.

Butch Maxwell as Agent R
Arlene Merryman as Greta Van Cistern
Gino Angelo as Dr. Reilly Strange
Dee McCorkle as Agent U
Bert Furioli as Perry Normal.

Rachel Podwika - Greta Van Cistern
Cheryl Saseen - Agent U

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Original Run Dates: January 22 - April 23, 2003

Last updated: October 9, 2008