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E.A.T. The Extra Added Terrestrial

AlienAn exiled alien from a far-off planet has been hiding on earth, apparently disguised as a human being, and feeding off the life forces of humans, rendering them zombies, incapable of being productive citizens and reducing them to taking jobs as bureaucrats.
StrangeDr. Reilly Strange is the author of many books on the paranormal, including Believe It or Else, Automatic Writing for the Illiterate, and his most controversial book, Elvis Presley Is Dead. He recently gave up on his research project on ghosts after his last experiment went awry. He invented a spray that made ghosts fart, which, unfortunately, worked too well. There was so much methane in the room, his cigar caused a flash fire. Everyone in the room had their hair burnt off. So he gave up his search for poltergeists. A man in his position can't afford to be without eyebrows. Dr. Strange is reported to have invented a device that can detect even the most undetectable of non-humans. The only known drawback so far: It is set off by common household pets and postal workers. But then, postal workers themselves are easy to set off.
PerryPerry Normal, who suffers from multiple personality syndrome, thinks the earth is really hollow and that Martha Stewart is the Anti-Christ. He hopes that by staging the Convention for the Unconventional, he may finally "get lucky."
Greta International Star Inquisitioner reporter Greta Van Cistern, who last year won the Bullitzer Prize, is still trying to make up for her botched interview with a famous senator, who fell asleep while she was trying to get him into a compromising position. Her only report: "Strom Thurmond is a lousy kisser." 
Agent RFormerly known as "Men In Black," the secret government agency responsible for controlling extraterrestrials has gone politically correct and is now known as "People In Black. Agent R, the top agent in the P.I.B., was drafted into government service after he graduated magnum come loudly from Roswell High School.
Agent U Agent U was the first female graduate from M.I.B.U., majoring in Termination with Extreme Prejudice. As the first woman in the P.I.B., she intends to make a name for herself at all costs.  
Greta under other circumstances. Rachel

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Last updated: October 9, 2008