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or The Sheriff Try to Kill Robin Hood? Sherwood!
by David J. Fielding
A "Robbin' the Rich to Pay our Bills!" production
Micheal Moran as Ronin, Arlene Merryman as Marion, Butch Maxwell as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Valery Staskey as Little Jo and Gino Angelo as Will Scarlet
Deep in the Forest of Sherwood, near the village of Nottingham, in Merry Olde England, several legendary characters meet in a comic twist on a well-known story.
The play is set some twenty years after the story most already know.
Michael Moran as robin HoodArlene Merryman as Maid Marion
Robin (Michael Moran)
and Maid Marion (Arlene Merryman or Rachel Podwika) have been happily-ever-aftering in Sherwood Forrest, continuing to foil the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. After two decades of cavorting in the woods, Marion has had enough, and will do anything to escape her husband.

Gino Angelo as Will Scarlett
Robin's band of Merry Men has dwindled considerably. For Robin's best friend, Will Scarlet (Gino Angelo) much of the joy is gone in robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. Furthermore, he can't seem to get a steady girlfriend.
Velery Staskey as Little jo Since Little John has left the troupe to be with his lover, Friar Tuck, Robin has replaced Little John with John's younger sister, Joanna (Dee McCorkle or Valery Staskey),whom he calls "Little Jo."
Butch Maxwell as the Sheriff of NottinghamMeanwhile, the evil Sheriff (Butch Maxwell) continues to scheme and plot ways in which he can finally kill Robin-in-the-Hood, as the Sheriff calls him.

Robin of Loxley
(Michael Moran)
Maid Marion (Arlene Merryman or Rachel Podwika )
The Sheriff of Nottingham (Butch Maxwell)
Will Scarlet (Gino Angelo)
Little Joanna (Dee McCorkle or Valery Staskey)

Understudies: Bert Furioli(The Sheriff - April 1 - Butler) and PD Gregg(Will Scarlett - April 1 - Butler).
Original Run Dates: January - March 2000

Last updated: September 22, 2008