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Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?

Putting a new meaning to the phrase "Your Final Answer."

by Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell


The Cast of "Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?"

Front: Beasley (Gino Angelo), Tom Bastic (Bert Furioli) Back, from left: Zoë Spatafore (Arlene Merryman), Happy Barkerdale (Butch Maxwell) and Dr. Fanny Reamer (Dee McCorkle.)

Yes, the eternal question "Is that your final answer?" takes on deadly proportions as the Mystery Theatre of Wheeling presents an all-new interactive murder mystery, "Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?" The musical-comedy mystery by local writers Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell is set during the live broadcast of a popular game show.

HappyHappy Barkerdale (Butch Maxwell) is the host of the popular show, which has become the network's anchor seven days a week. A millionaire in his own right, Happy owns 50% of the show. He hopes to retire soon after the show runs its course and he gets his chance to arm-wrestle Merv Griffin.


The show's stage manager, Beasley (Gino Angelo), was once a chemistry professor, but quit suddenly after he was denied tenure and all the other faculty members mysteriously succumbed to food poisoning. He got into television production because he wanted something less cutthroat. Imagine his surprise.

Among the contestants are a successful salesman Tom Bastic, homemaker Zoë Spatafore, and proctologist Dr. Fanny Reamer.

Tom Bastic

As the man behind mood rings and Beanie Babies, Tom Bastic (Bert Furioli), should already be a millionaire, but he lost it as soon as he made it. He is on the road so much, it took him three months to discover his wife had left him.

Zoe Spatafore

Zoë Spatafore (Arlene Merryman), is unhappy in her marriage and spends most of her time in a rich fantasy life. Married her high school sweetheart, but has harbored a crush on Happy Barkerdale ever since being in the studio audience during a taping of "The Mating Game."

Fanny Reamer

Dr. Reamer (Dee McCorkle), has dedicated her life to putting her gifts at one end to help others at their other ends. If she wins the million dollars, she hopes to bail herself out of a bad investment in a drive-through proctology service, Probe 'n Run.

Understudy for this production: Cheryl Saseen. Surprise understudy: Deborah Frazier (September 2000)


Original run dates: June - september 2002

Last updated: September 22, 2008