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License to Spy


And Then There Was No! Dr. No

by Joseph J. Cannito

The world is not enough and the mission is improbable.

Gino Angelo, Michael Moran, dee McCorkle, Bert Furioli and Arlene Merryman

The Cast of License to Spy
Front: Mrs. Sexa Peal (Arlene Merryman) Back, from left: Stockson Bonds (Gino Angelo),
Maxwell Smug (depicted here by Michael Moran, who played the role in early April),
and Mata Horny (Dee McCorkle) and Harry Who (Bert Furioli.)

In the show, written by Joseph J. Cannito, with adaptations for Mystery Theatre of Wheeling by Bert Furioli and Butch Maxwell, two secret agents, one British and one American, have been dispatched to thwart the expected heist of a super-secret microchip.

The agents, Mrs. Sexa Peale ( Arlene Merryman) and Maxwell Smug (Maxwell), are supposed to meet famous Chinese detective Harry Who (Furioli) and one other unnamed operative to assist them.

But two other spies appear, and it is unclear which of them is supposed to be on their team. The agents are Stockson Bonds (Gino Angelo), son of a famed secret agent who has never been able to live up to his father's reputation, and the libido-driven Mata Horny (Dee McCorkle), a once vital agent who today is quite mad.

Rachel Podwika portrayed Mata Horny in May and June.
Kathy Barton Played Mrs. Peale in June at Jaggin' Around. Michael Moran played Maxwell Smug the first week of April.


Stockson Bonds (Gino Angelo)

Stockson Bonda

Son of a famed secret agent and renowned ladies man, he was enticed to the island with the promise of some much-needed relaxation (and a money-back guarantee of some hot babes). This master of disguise has neither shaken nor stirred the image of being in the shadow of his illustrious father.


Maxwell Smug (Butch Maxwell)

MaxAgent 68 for CONTROL, Max made his greatest contribution to democracy when he accidentally locked his keys in his car while illegally parked in West Germany back in 1987. Deciding his best recourse was to break a window in his spy-mobile, he pulled a brick from a nearby rotting structure, inadvertently causing the fall of the Berlin Wall. Authorities, of course, staged a cover-up, crediting the incident to politics. (understudy: Michael Moran)

Mrs. Sexa Peale (Arlene Merryman)

Sexa PeelAgent for British Intelligence and former sidekick to John Sneed, she is as skilled in hand to hand combat as she is with a weapon. As of late, she has been blaming herself for the death of her former partner who was killed last year when his umbrella opened prematurely in a windstorm carrying him up forty feet and then plummeting him over a chasm. She bought him that umbrella. (understudy: Kathy Barton) 

Harry Who (Bert Furioli)

Who?He was the International detective responsible for solving such mysteries as: The Sechuan Pantry Slaughters or With Murder You Get Eggroll, and The Case of the Missing Fortune Cookies (which he admits to eating himself). 

Mata Horny (Dee McCorkle)


Once considered to be the greatest female agent of all time, Ms. Horny has not entirely given up her bygone days. She believes it is just a matter of time before she returns to active duty as a steamy, sultry double agent of yore. It is rumored that she and the infamous agent Stockson Bonds had a brief, yet torrid affair some years back. This probably shouldn't come as any surprise since it is rumored that she's had a brief, yet torrid affair with half of the civilized world (and a couple of guys from New Jersey). (understudy: Rachel Podwika).

Original Run Dates: April 5 - June 10, 2000

Last updated: September 22, 2008