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Shows By Title

A Very Hellmark Christmas Special
Avast Ye Murderous Swabs (The Original Pirate Show)
Calamityville Horror
Capitol Hillbillies
Coleslaw & Order
Damn! Damn! That Rotten Old Nottingham!
Dead of State
Dead of the Class
A Deadly Christmas Carol (or What the Dickens?)
Ditz and the Diamond
DOA in the Y2K (Murder in the Millennium)
Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype
E.A.T. (The Extra Added Terrestrial)
Elliot Brick's Case of the Ditz and the Diamond
Elliot Brick's Case of the Maltese Ferret
Elliot Brick's The Case of the Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz
Elliot Brick's Case of the Overture for an Undertaker
Elliot Brick's Case of the Santa Sham (Slay Ride III)
Happily Never After
Happiness is a Warm Gun: (The Beatles Show)
Hellmark Christmas
How the West Was Dumb
I Killed Lucy
IIl Morte di Figaro or I Know Why the Fat Lady Sings
Indiana Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Sequel
Indiana Smith and the Restaurant of Doom
Johnny B. Dead
Kill Phil
Last Kill and Testament
License to Spy or And Then There Was No! Dr. No
Maltese Ferret
Mayberry R.I.P.
McDeath or Nothing Much About Doo-Doo
Medium for Murder: (The Art Collector Show)
Menace of the Super Duper Party-Pooper
Mind Over Murder
Mission: Unpossible
Montana Marie Gets Gunned Down at Three
Ms. and the Show Biz Whiz
Murder at the Kit Kat Klub
Murder on the Luv Boat
Murder Under the Big Top
My Big Fat Reality Wedding
Once Upon a Crime (in the Blacklight Zone)
One Life to Lose
Overture for an Undertaker
Pirates of Poughkeepsie
Popguy the Sailor Man
Recipe for Murder: (The Great Chefs Show)
Rock 'em Dead
Salon, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, You're Dead or Dead Wringer
Slay Ride or Rudolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer
Slay Ride II: Screaming All the Way
Slay Ride III Elliot Brick's The Case of the Santa Sham
Slay Ride 4: Revenge of the Claus
Slay Ride Five - C.S.I.: North Pole
Slay Ride Six: Santa's Last Christmas
Something Stinks at P.U.
Space Trek XII: The Rash of Budda Kahn
Speakeasy, Die Hard - (The Gangster Show)
Star Bores 6.5: A New Dope or Return of the Dead Guy or The Farce Awakens
Strange Case of Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype
Survivor on Killigan's Island
Take Me Out of the Ball Game (The Baseball Show)
Tales from the Script
Tragic Death of Alfred the Squatty
Variety Is the Spice of Death
What the Dickens?
Who Killed the Top Chef?
Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?
Wizard of Odds
You Bet Jurassic He's Dead - The Caveman Show
You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown


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Last updated: December 20, 2022