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DOA in the Y2K

It is not exactly the same Auld Lang Syne when a survivalist, a computer geek, a new-age spiritualist, whacked-out evangelist and a befuddled forest ranger converge in an unlikely setting on New Years Eve 1999! With almost certain doom at midnight, it's a party to end all parties!

[Milt and Candi]

An outrageous comedy to cap an outrageous century!

Okay, okay. Technically, the end of the century is Dec. 31, 2000. If you're going to be that nit-picky, you'll probably actually try to solve this mystery instead of laughing at it.

[Michael Moran, Dee McCorkle, Arlene Merryman, Gino Angelo and Butch Maxwell]

[Dee McCorkle]In a secluded cabin in the woods, not far from Jellystone National Park, is a whacked out survivalist (played by Dee McCorkle.) Known by the code name of "Red Fox," she is hatching a secret plan to hold the U.S. Government hostage at the stroke of midnight, January 1, 2000.
[Michael Moran]The militia leader has hired computer whiz Milton Nerdly ( Michael Moran) to hack into the Pentagon's computerized defense system and disable it. A missile launch will automatically destroy key military targets if the government refuses to give in to Fox's demands.

[Butch Maxwell]To bankroll the plan, Operation Y2K, Red Fox has brought in an unlikely ally: The rich and sleazy evangelist Reverend Aaron (Butch Maxwell.) A fundamentalist preacher and entrepreneur, Aaron professes that in the year 2000, the world will be redeemed by the Second Coming of Elvis.

[Arlene Merryman]Complications ensue with the arrival of an eccentric new-age spiritualist called Prim (Arlene Merryman.) The cosmic crackpot contends that the year 2000 will herald a visit from a savior from space, and that one of the other characters in the cabin is the connection between her band of seekers and the aliens.

[Gino Angelo]Confusing things further is the appearance of a befuddled forest ranger (Gino Angelo), who is the only character without an agenda for Y2K. An employee of the park for 23 years, Ranger Smith has survived being struck by lightening three times, thanks to the grounding properties of his Swiss Army Knife. There are, however, no guarantees that he will survive the Mystery Theatre show.

Understudies for the show include Furioli and Rachel Podwika.

Original Run: November 3, 1999 to January 4, 2000

Last updated: September 22, 2008