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One Life to Lose

This page depicts characters as presented in 2009.

Gretchen Schneider as Francine Genie/Lauren McSugar, Bert Furioli as Carey McDonald/Alfonso Dementia, Valery Staskey Roeder as Katherine DePravia/ Anastasia DuBouis, Arlene Merryman as Lucy Sushan/Erica Payne, Butch Maxwell as Beau Brummer/Stone Stevens, and Ryan Sears as Tyler Thwart.
Above: 2009 cast

Valery Staskey-Roeder as Katherine DePraviaKatherine DePravia, the show's aging matriarch:On the daytime drama, Katherine plays Anastasia DuBouis, the beloved grandmother to whom everyone turns. Off screen, she takes every opportunity to belittle others and remind people that she is an Academy Award-winning actress. More about Katherine here!
Arlene Merryman as Lucy SushanLucy Sushan: Another possible high-maintenance cut from the show would be this perennial Emmy-loser. On the show, she plays Erica Payne - the sassy "woman you love to hate." Despite her popularity, those in the know note that she is grotesquely over-paid. More about Lucy here!

Butch Maxwell as Beau BrummelBeau Brummel:On the show, he plays the town cop, Stone Stephens. Despite the fact that he is well known as a rotten actor, he is not likely to be fired because he is the son of the program's executive producer.
Gretchen Schneider as Francine GenieFrancine Genie: Stone's love interest is also an unlikely possibility. She is loved by millions in her "One Life to Lose" role, the innocent ingénue, Lauren McSugar.
Bert Furioli as Carey McDonaldCarey MacDonald: For years, the producers have tried to write him out. Well known in the industry as a doddering has-been who can't remember his lines, each time the writers killed off his character, the suave villain Alfonso Dementia, fan support brought the debonair bad guy back to life.
Ryan Sears as Tyler TwartDirector Tyler Thwart is forced to deal with this bounty of egos and deficit of talent. He is unhappy to be a TV producer, anyway. A frustrated choreographer, he dreams of staging a musical version of "Come Back Little Sheba."All this intrigue is complicated in the dinner theatre production when the cast is unexpectedly compelled to perform the show on live TV. Before it is all over, someone is murdered.

2009 Cast:
Katherine DePravia Valery Staskey Roeder
Lucy Sushan Arlene Merryman
Beau Brummel Butch Maxwell
Francine Genie Gretchen Schneider
Carey MacDonald Bert Furioli
Tyler Thwart Ryan Sears

Understudy: Francine Genie Shannon Noe
Understudy: Tyler Thwart Sean Decker

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Last updated: September 4, ,2018