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One Life to Lose

Lucy Sushane is the actress who has made scheming temptress Erica Payne a household name. As the dazzling femme fatale on television's "One Life to Lose," she's had nine marriages to six different men. She's been kidnapped, survived a plane crash, stared down a grizzly bear, posed as a nun, driven a race car, attempted a daring helicopter rescue of one of her lovers from prison and screwed everyone on the show. While the Emmy Award continues to evade her, she has won the People's Chance Award, the Soaper Digest Award for Best Soap Bitch. Lucy Sushan has starred in numerous made-for-television movies, including "Lady Nasty," "Irish Mafia Princess," and "Return of My Mother the Car." A year ago, Ms. Sushan created a special fragrance called Lucy Sushan Smells Like This. Recently, however her popularity has been waning and with the announced cutbacks in the soap opera?s payroll, she may be vulnerable. Her ace-in-the-hole, she believes, is her affair with the series' producer's son, who is wrapped around her little finger. A painful position to be in.

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Last updated: October 9, 2008