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Valery Staskey-Roeder as Katherine Depravia as Anastasia DuBouisStone consults a doctorFrancine buries herself ina bridal magazineButch Maxwell as Beu Brummel as Stone Stevens and gretchen Schneider as Francine Genie as Lauren McSugarLucy fights with TylerKaternie storms TylerDeuling Divas

Lucy manipulates BeauArlene Merryman as Lucy Sushan as Erica PayneBeau is coo-coo for chocolateRyan Sears as Tyler would rather be a dancerAlfonso's Evil LaughAs Beau beams out, Lucy negotiates with TylerCarey McDonald's cue card holderLucy wants to play with Beau and some toysKatherine and the gunBert Furioli as Carey McDonald as Alfonso Dementia holding hostage Gretchen Schneider as Francine Genie as Lauren McSugar and Butch Maxwell as Beau Brummel as Stone StevensAlphonso turns his gun on StoneLucy strangles KatherineAlphonso holds Lauren hostageWounded!Carey, Francine and TylerValery and Bert backstage grading Detective Cards

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Last updated: March 2, 2009