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One Life to Lose

Born Katrina Dipraviovski in 1929 in the Eastern European country of Yockigainia, the actress we know today as Kathrine Depravia is of humble roots. Then under Austrian rule, the country's main export was, well, sheep. Young Katrina Dipraviovski yearned for the stage, first appearing in a grade school production of "Mary, Mary: A Girl and Her Sheep." After graduating from Yockigania Public Schools, then under German rule, she studied acting under the legendary Stanley Slobisdofsky, 1947-49. She got her theatrical start in popular Yockiganian musicals such as "Baaad Moon Rising," and, of course, "Fleece." But the real success came in motion pictures. She garnered rave reviews for the Igmar Bugerman film, "Wool and Peace" (1953). After changing her name, she won an Oscar for the best supporting actress in a foreign film, 1955, for "Herd Every Mountain." [There were no other women in the film.] She moved from Yockigania, then under Soviet rule, but her career faltered after that. Now in America, she was reduced to Hollywood type casting as, you know, ?that sheep woman.? It forced her into B-movies, like the Eastern European prison break film, "On the Lamb" (1957) and finally soft-porn cult films such as "The Mutton of Love." Fortunately, television had much lower standards in 1958, and she was treated like a goddess when she joined the cast of the daytime drama "One Life to Lose." As Anastasia DuBouis, she never had to do a scene with a farm animal again. She played the young wife and mother to the children of the dynamic surgeon in the show?s Port Anthrax. While her on-screen romance with Doctor Robert Welby ended with the actor's death in 1983, she has continued on as the show's benevolent grandmother figure. The show's matriarch, after 44 years on the show, she has grown used to being the center of attention.

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Last updated: October 9, 2008