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One Life to Lose

Soaper's Digest Behind the Scenes

Could "One Life" Fire the Director?

Cutbacks announced recently for "One Life to Lose" are believed to mean that one highly paid actor will be fired, but the fallout could also take down the show's director, Tyler Thwart. Apparently, none of the actors particularly likes him and Thwart himself confesses that he is a frustrated choreographer. But he wants to hold his job until he can stage his lifelong dream: A musical version of "Come Back Little Sheba." While "One Life to Lose" is his first network directing job, Tyler was well-known for his hygiene films, including "Bath House Brawl" and "Men in Black Leather."


Soaper's Digest Behind the Scenes

Could the Producer Be Forced to cut His Own Son?

Son of "One Life to Lose" producer Barry Brummel, Beau Brummel has cruised through on his father's good graces. "The boy can't get a job on his own." Network pressure, however, could force the elder producer to fire his own son. In fact, the classic passive-aggressive producer recently flew to Europe, just after the secret decision was made as to whom to cut from the show. That secret has so far been much better kept than Beau's off screen affair with the show's Lucy Sushan. While most note that cutting Beau would make sense because he can't act, he did recently graduate from the William Shatner School of Acting.


Soaper's Digest Profile

Carey McDonald - You Love to Hate Him

Long time "One Life to Lose" Guest Star Carey MacDonald is an aging former stage actor who has a problem with remembering his lines, he is also extremely near-sighted and vein. While his villain character was originally written to last perhaps a year, each time the writers killed him off, fan support brought the debonair bad guy back to life. With an impressive resume that includes dinner theatre revivals of popular Broadways hits, Carey has toured the U.S.A., playing dining rooms from coast-to-coast. Part of his popularity came from his ability to serve entrees and recite his dialogue without spilling anything. When "One Life to Lose" producer Barry Brummel discovered him, he was performing the dual role of Henry Higgins and bus boy. Brummel cast him as a strange European villain named Alfonso Dementia - a character who became so popular that when he was killed off, Brummel was forced to bring him back - again and again.


Soaper's Digest Profile

Sweet Soap Star Is Sour Behind Scenes

While audiences may love her, "One Life to Lose" Starlet Francine Genie is not as popular with her fellow actors. She is aloof, critical and difficult, according to folks close to the show. She spends her time away from the set with her friends in the LPGA. She has been popular with daytime drama fans ever since the series producers developed a habit of inventing excuses for her to visit tropical locations, where she posed a lot in skimpy bathing suits. Genie's other acting roles have included the miniseries East and Breast. Although she is a successful actress on a daytime drama, she always wanted to be a professional tennis player. Speculation is that Francine has antagonized the other stars of the show enough that all of them would like to see her fired, and the producer may have to muscle under to their demands. While she would prefer to stay on the show, she reports that she is not worried. She is considering an audition for a "Movie of the Week" playing opposite Harry Hamlin as a heart surgeon who is dedicated to ridding the city of filth and scum called "Diagnosis: Litter."


Soaper's Digest Behind the Scenes

Rumors Fly About Who Will Die!

Could producers of "One Life to Lose" be ready to cut veteran actress and OscarTM-winning actress Katherine DePravia? After nearly 45 years on TV's popular soap, some think the network believes that her part has run its course. According to sources close to the program, in an upcoming show, her character, Anastasia DuBouis, will suffer a heart attack while visiting Erica Payne in the hospital. Cutting her character will save big bucks from the bottom line, sacrifice only the geriatric audience and send her packing back to her native homeland of Yockigainia. One cast member privately said she hopes they will be through hearing her brag about her 1955 Academy Award for Herd Every Mountain: "We've heard it a mountain of times."
More Useless Information About Katherine.


Soaper's Digest Behind the Scenes

Will Erica Die Before She Wins a Daytime Emmy?

The rumor is that "One Life to Lose" Star Lucy Sushan is grotesquely over-paid and may be written out of the show. Recently, her popularity has been waning and with the announced cutbacks in the soap opera's payroll, she may be vulnerable. Adding credibility to the rumor is the fact that she will be shot on an upcoming show. Insiders note, however, that her ace-in-the-hole, so to speak, is her affair with the series' producer's son, who is wrapped around her little finger. A painful position to be in. Despite her popularity, she claims she is not at all bitter that she is best known as "that perennial Emmy-loser."
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Last updated: October 9, 2008