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Thanks to Santa's chief elf, Elfish Prezley, everything is ready to go. The reindeer are not threatening to strike this year and the rest of elves are sober. But Mrs. Claus is determined to make her husband stop delivering toy guns and violent weapons to children everywhere. She's already in a bad mood, because Santa's two best buddies, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, have come to visit for Thanksgiving and have stayed until Christmas Eve.

Dustin Heavilin as Santa Claus
Santa Claus has received a death threat from the reindeer. They are angry because he cancelled their frequent flyer miles.

Ryan Sears as Elfish
Elfish Presley learned detective skills as a child after reading The Adventures of Sherlock Gnomes.

Bert Furioli as Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy has been a card-carrying member of the N.R.A. since he was mugged by Tinker Bell.

Melody Meadows as Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus, who comes from a blueblood background, is used to Santa giving here everything she ever wanted. She has been a card-carrying member of Greenpeace since she mugged Tinker Bell.
Butch Maxwell as Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny is loved by children all over the world. Over half of them are believed to be his.

Original Cast (2003-2004):
Santa Claus Gino Angelo
Elfish Dee McCorkle

Mrs. Claus Vera Barton-Caro
Tooth Fairy Bert Furioli

Easter Bunny Butch Maxwell

Understudies: Mrs. Claus Arlene Merryman
Mrs. Claus Cheryl Violette

Sean Decker as Santa Claus Bert Furioli as Tooth Fairy, Gretchen Schneider as Mrs. Claus, Sean Decker as Santa Claus, Ryan Sears as Elfish Prezley and Butch Maxwell as Easter Bunny Gretchen Schneider as Mrs. Claus Slay Ride IV: Revenge of the Claus
2008 Cast:

Santa Claus Sean Decker
Elfish Ryan Sears

Mrs. Claus Gretchen Schneider
Tooth Fairy Bert Furioli

Easter Bunny Butch Maxwell

Understudy: Santa Claus Dustin Heavlin

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Original Run: Nov. - Dec. 2003 Revivals Dec. 2004, Nov. - Dec. 2008

Last updated: November 21, 2008