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Once Upon a Crime

by Butch Maxwell and Bert Furioli

As the spooky music fades, into the eerie glow of a novelty-store party light steps one dark-suited man... a man who would be chain-smoking if the room wasn't smoke free. Carrying an improbable collection of children's stories, is the host of this evening's murder mystery, the strange creator of a spooky anthology series, Odd Sterling.

Maura Schneider, Butch Maxwell, Gretchen Schneider, Ryan Sears and Bert Furioli

2007-2008 Cast from left: Grandma ~ Maura Schneider, Big Bad Wolf, Jr. ~ Butch Maxwell, Little Red Riding Hood ~ Gretchen Schneider, Old King Cole ~ Ryan Sears and Odd Sterling ~ Bert Furioli.

Bert Furioli as Odd SterlingOdd Sterling Gretchen Schneider as Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood Maura Schneider as GrandmaGrandma Ryan Sears as Old King ColeOld King ColeButch Maxwell as Big Bad Wolf Jr.Wicked Witch

Ryan Sears as Big Bad Wolf Jr., 
Jenn Kellner as Little Red Riding Hood, Michael Ramsay as Odd Sterling,
Arlene Merryman As Grandma and Mario Muscar as Old King Cole.

Above: Ryan Sears, Jenn Kellner, Michael Ramsay, Arlene Merryman and Mario Muscar.

Red in the HoodOriginal Cast:
Riding Hood ~ Dee McCorkle
Grandma ~ Arlene Merryman
Big Bad Wolf, Jr. ~ Butch Maxwell
Old King Cole ~ Gino Angelo
Odd Sterling ~ Bert Furioli

Grandma ~Maura Schneider (December 2007-February 2008)
Big Bad Wolf Jr. ~ Larry Carlisle (Oct. 2001) Ryan Sears (April 2006)
Odd Stering ~ Michael Moran (March 2004) Michael Ramsay (April 2006)
Old King Cole ~ Michael Moran (June 2004) Mario Muscar (April 2006) Ryan Sears (December 2007-Feb 2008)
Little Red Riding Hood ~ Rachel Podwika (Sept. - Oct. 2001) Cheryl Saseen (June 2004) Jenn Kellner (April 2006) Gretchen Schneider (Dec. 2007- Feb. 2008)

Wolf and the HoodMirror, MirrorThree PigsWitchFrog Prince

Original Run: Wednesday, August 22 through Saturday, November 17, 2001
Revivals: February 14 - April 14, 2004, December - February 2008 and June - Aug. 2011
Special Performances: June 2004 and April 2006

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Last updated: August 19, 2011