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Overture for an Undertaker

Alternate Cast Photo

McGuffinMac McGuffin - A stagehand at the Capitol Theatre, McGuffin was reluctantly on a bus tour in Vienna, when he accidentally discovered a previously unknown work – Ludwig van Beethoven’s final symphony. Out of loyalty to the Wheeling Symphony, and in hopes of collecting a sizable cash reward, McGuffin has donated it to the Auxiliary for this special ceremony tonight.

Mrs. Shepherd-Boggs-ZaneMrs. Tallulah Shepherd-Boggs-Zane wants to run the Wheeling Symphony Auxiliary, even though she’s only recently shown much interest. She believes that her presiding over tonight’s celebration of this extraordinary discovery could elevate her to that position. While she knows nothing about music, she comes from a long line of very old Wheeling money, rendering her the paragon of pretension, a bastion of blue blood, and a font of former fortunes. Her love of the symphony is exceeded only by her admiration of undeserved power and unearned wealth.

Leonard BeersteinLeonard Beerstein is a world famous conductor, known for his inspired interpretations of unusual music. He recently presented the first symphonic rendering of gangster rap music. Still, he is ostentatious, portentous, and pretentious. When Mrs. Tallulah Shepherd-Boggs-Zane invited him to perform at tonight’s festivities, Beerstein was quick to accept the invitation to this evening’s ceremony. “This is a perfect opportunity for me to be pompous in public.”

Tammy CashTammy Cash recently won $65million in the West Virginia Lottery. “I’m stupefied,” Tammy told Channel 7 News, although some would argue that she was already stupid. When asked what she was going to do with the money, she replied, “I’m going to Dizzy World!” While Tammy is a late addition to the gathering, and the NASCAR enthusiast and former local bowling champ may be a little unrefined, she is clean. The Auxiliary is, naturally, hoping for her patronage. Especially if it can be in absentia.

Elliot BrickElliot Brick is a special detective hired by the Wheeling Symphony Auxiliary. He came highly recommended by the Association for Ugly Divorce Investigations. Brick has been rated one of Wheeling’s Top Five Private Detectives. (It is not clear if there are even four others.) He is best known for cracking “The Case of the Jade Monkey.” While it sounds exotic, it should be kept in mind that “Jade Monkey” is simply a cheap beer.

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Last updated: March 26, 2014