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CSI North Pole

Dustin Heavilin as Santa Claus
It is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus faces a deadline to sign on a new labor agreement.

Ryan Sears as Rudy, Jr.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Jr. - son of the late legendary airborne buck, has just been elected to represent the reindeer in labor negotioation.

Butch Maxwell as Elfish Prezley
Rudy locks antlers with Santa' s chief of staff, an ambitious corporate-minded MBA elf intent on modernizing the North Pole.

Michael Moran as Joe Friendegg
Meanwhile, two former cops on a mission to be redeemed and reinstated arrive just in time for a murder.
Bert Furioli as Frank Cannon

It's a laugh-filled holiday homicide with Christmas musical parodies and audience participation!
Extreme Closeup of Mario Muscar
as Santa ClausRyan Sears as RudyGretchen Schneider as DonnaBert Furioli as Joe FridedeggButch Maxwell as Frank Cannon Mario Muscar as Santa ClausBert Furioli, Gino Angelo, Michael Moran, Cheryl Saseen, Butch Maxwell

Original 2005 Cast
Santa ~ Gino Angelo
Rudy ~ Michael Moran
The Elf ~ Cheryl Saseen
Joe ~ Bert Furioli
rank~ Butch Maxwell
Santa ~ Mario Muscar
Rudy ~ Ryan Sears

2007 Cast
Santa ~ Mario Muscar
Rudy ~ Ryan Sears
The Elf ~ Gretchen Schneider
Joe ~ Bert Furioli
rank~ Butch Maxwell



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Last updated: November 25, 2014