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12.5.2014 - River City I12.12.14 Private PartyI12.5.2014 - River CityIII12.12.14 I 12.5.2014 - River City II 12.12.14I12.5.2014 - River City I12.12.14I12.5.2014 - River City 12.12.14I 12.5.2014 - River City I12.12.14b12.5.2014 - River City I

Rudy gives his list of demands to Santa I donna dazzles Rudy with double-speak I Rudy has mobsters
who are extorting money from him I

12.5.2014 - River City I 12.5.2014 - River City IB12.12.14b

12.5.2014 - River City I 12.5.2014 - River City I

Santa refuses Rudy's demands I Sgt. Friedegg cuffs the Claus I12.5.2014 - River City II 12.5.2014 - River City IDetective Cannon and Sgt. Fridegg impersonate exterminators I12.5.2014 - River City I12.12.14B12.5.2014 - River City I

Frank Cannon and Joe Fridegg move on to another plan BDonna unvelis her makesover of the North Pole to her boss I12.5.2014 - River City I12.5.2014 - River City IRudy gives Santa his final chance to settle the strike IFrank and Joe fail to intimidate Rudy I

B 12.12.14B12.5.2014 - River City IRudy reveals his actual job with the mob I12.12.14BThe ex-cops want to stow away on Santa's sleigh I12.5.2014 - River CityB I12.12.14 B12.5.2014 - River City IFrank Cannon speaks the elf's language IRudy reenacts the crime IJoe Friedegg doesn't understand a word the elf says.B12.12.1412.5.2014 - River City


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