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The action is set at the lovely Holiday Caves Inn in downtown La Brea, California on the 10th of June, 1 million years BC. The occasion is the annual Society of Pre-Historic Inventors Convention.

Among those attending the convention is Phil , a long-standing prizewinner and the respected editor-in-chief of the Society of Pre-Historic Inventors.


Phil (Butch Maxwell) is responsible for many groundbreaking inventions and discoveries, such as the shovel (for breaking ground, of course) and fire.

Phil is accompanied by his wife, Beatrice, who is an avid shopper.


Even though the strip mall has yet to be invented, Beatrice (Dee McCorkle) can still sniff out a bargain or sale in a five hundred-mile radius.

The couple is assisted by Phil's friend, Ogg, who is the only resident of the community who has yet to evolve.


Ogg (P.D. Gregg) has invented a device that acts as a short-range slingshot of sorts, which and calls it his "Ogg-huggamooga-spwang-hurty-thingy."

Phil's other friend, Bob, is a relative newcomer to the Society of Pre-Historic Inventors.


Bob (Michael Moran) invented the calendar, but ever since has been late for everything.

Bob has brought with him his new wife, Wynonna, a budding innovator herself.


Wynonna (Vera Barton-Caro) invented poetry, but most citizens of the area regard her as a flake and have taken to calling her, Wynonna the Stoner because they believe she has rocks in her head.

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Last updated: September 22, 2008