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Indiana Smith cast 2007

2007 Cast, from left: Ratso (Ryan Sears), Svetlana Tickoff ( Bert Furioli), Pauline Peril (Arlene Merryman), Indiana Smith (Butch Maxwell), and Sir Harry Proctor-Gamble-Smythe (Gino Angelo).

Indiana Smith - World famous archeologist and adventurer, he is a brilliant professor who has made it his mission to find all of the greatest antiquities of the world. (Butch Maxwell)
Butch Maxwell as Indiana Smith| Arlene Merryman as Pauline Peril | Gino Angelo as Sir Harry

Pauline Peril - The long suffering fiancée of Indiana Smith has made a career of being kidnapped and held hostage by bad guys, or otherwise falling into harm's way. Her lifetime achievements include being tied to railroad tracks, tied to a conveyer belt in a log-sawing mill and tied to a long-term contract with a second-rate movie maker. She is well-traveled, having fallen out of airplanes, been trapped in a sinking submarine and been blasted into outer space. Now she just wants to get married and settle down.(Arlene Merryman or Rachel Podwika or Cheryl Saseen or Debroah Frazier)

Sir Harry Proctor-Gamble-Smythe - Born into an aristocratic English linage, he has spent his life adventuring, which means running headlong into his capers without a thought of the danger. In Sir Harry's case, it was easy, because he's completely daffy. He was Indiana Smith's mentor in his more lucid days.(Gino Angelo and Bert Furioli.)

Bert Furioli as Svetlana Tickoff| Ryan Sears as Ratso

Svetlana Tickov - One of the Soviet Union's top treasure hunters, she is charged with retrieving the fortunes of the world to help bankroll the spread of the Socialist ideals, including Communism, championship Olympic hockey teams and fad diets based on borsht.(Dee McCorkle or Cheryl Saseen or Michael Moran or Bert Furioli.)

Ratso - As Svetlana Tickov 's toady, he is assigned to do all her dirty work. The constant abuse he suffers at the hands of Svetlana, he believes, is a sign of her love. He is incredibly stupid. (Bert Furioli or Michael Moran or Ryan Sears.)

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Last updated: October 16, 2008