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Indiana Smith and the Reataurant of Doom

The Time: 1948
The Place: All Over the World!
The Action:

It could not only change the power structure of the world, but it could change the destiny of humanity itself! When a bumbling explorer discovers a map to this treasure of biblical proportions, it leads to a whirlwind world tour and possibly the last escapade of famed adventure hero Indiana Smith.

Original Cast
Svetlana Tickoff ~
Dee McCorkle
Pauline Perril ~
Arlene Merryman
Indiana Smith ~
Butch Maxwell
Sir Harry Proctor-Gamble-Smythe ~
Gino Angelo
Ratso ~
Bert Furioli
Cast Photo
Original Cast (from left): Svetlana Tickoff (Dee McCorkle), her toady, Ratso (Bert Furioli), Indiana Smith (Butch Maxwell), Pauline Peril (Arlene Merryman) and Sir Harry Proctor-Gamble-Smythe (Gino Angelo).

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Pauline Perril ~ Rachel Podwika (July 2003) Cheryl Saseen (September 2004) Cheryl Violette (February 2006) Deborah Frazier (March 2007)
Svetlana Tickoff ~
Cheryl Saseen (August 2003, March 2005, February 2006, Sept. 2007) Michael Moran (February 2006) Bert Furioli (March 2007)
Ratso ~
Michael Moran (September 2004) Ryan Sears (March, Sept. 2007) Bert Furioli (Sept. 2007)

More Information About This Show

Last updated: October 16, 2008