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Butch Maxwell, Gino Angelo, Dee McCorkle, Michael Moran, Arlene Merryman, Bert Furioli Hillbillies Cast

Left is the original cast from left: Jane Haveaway ~ Butch Maxwell, Milborne Dripdrysdale ~ Gino Angelo, Margaret Dripdrysdale ~ Dee McCorkle, Jeb Clampett ~ Michael Moran, Grammy ~ Arlene Merryman, and Jethro Bovine ~ Bert Furioli.

Right is the 2007 cast from left: Margaret Dripdrysdale ~ Cheryl Burke, Milborne Dripdrysdale ~ Gino Angelo, Grammy ~ Cheryl Violette, Jeb Clampett ~ Ryan Sears, Jethro Bovine ~ Bert Furioli and Jane Haveaway ~ Butch Maxwell.

Michael Moran as Jeb Clampett

Ryan Sears as Jeb Clampett Gino Angelo as Milburn Dripdrysdale Gino Angelo as Milburn Dripdrysdale Bert Furioli as Jethron Bovine Bert Furioli as Jethro Bovine Arlene Merryman as Grammy Cheryl Violette as Grammy

Bert Furioli as Jethrene Bovine Dee McCorkle as Margaret Dripdrysdale Cheryl Burke as Margaret Dripdrysdale Butch Maxwell as Jane Haveaway Butch Maxwell as Jane Haveaway

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Original Run: Sept - Nov. 2004 Revivals: 2004, 2008, 2016

Last updated: January 10, 2016