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Meet the Cast of The Menace of the Super-Duper Party Pooper

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SuperDuperMan (Butch Maxwell)SDMan

Often disguised as mild mannered Kent Clark, he is really the most powerful and famous superhero of all time. But he has grown arrogant and insufferable, especially since the last bit of the only substance that can kill him, kryptonite, has been locked away in the Fat Cave. Since he is now completely invulnerable, no other superhero's powers even compare to his. Naturally, his fellow superheroes hate him. It is, however, his birthday today, so in deference to the guy who could beat them all to a pulp, the other heroes are attending the party in his honor.

FatMan (Gino Angelo)

Formerly a famous superhero whose symbol was a bat, millionaire playboy Wayne Bruce invested heavily in the dot coms and lost his fortune. Then the lawyers swooped in and took his identity. Now that he has fallen upon hard times, he has also fallen apart. These days he wastes away most of his time overeating, drinking beer and listening to talk radio.

Rotten (Bert Furioli)Rotten

While FatMan's sidekick has himself grown up, even as a 45-year old boy blunder, he has remained loyal to his mentor and is deliriously enthusiastic about the team's eventual comeback. Lately, though, he has taken a real interest in sucking up to SuperDuperMan. Enough, in fact, that he talked Fatman into allowing him to throw a birthday party in honor of the Guy of Steel.

CattyWoman (Arlene Merryman)CattyWoman

A reformed villain, she became a superhero herself some years ago after millionaire Wayne Bruce paid her to defect to the good guys. It was a unique concept in conversion, and one that Bruce certainly could no longer afford, but at the time, at least, CattyWoman decided that the fame and glamour of being a superhero is too tempting to leave behind. She gets all the best tables in restaurants.

Understudies: Cheryl Saseen (June) and Rachel Podwika (late June - August, 2001)

Lex Lutheran (Michael Moran)Lexie

A famous arch villain, Lex is by far the meanest, nastiest and most powerful villain of all. Among his powers: He can paralyze you with her Hypno-Ring; he can create invisible force fields; and he can eat a single Frito Lays Potato Chip without getting another.

Understudy: Cheryl Saseen (August 2001) - Dee McCorkle (Originated role as "Alexis Luthor" 2001)

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SuperDuperManRotten and SDMan

Photos by
Robert W. Schramm

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