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The Super Hero Show

The Menace of the Super Duper Party Pooper!

The world's mightiest heroes have banded together to form The Just-Us League! Sworn to safeguard the world from the forces of Insidious Evil! Pledged to protect the planet from alien invasion! And dedicated to ridding the universe forever of painful gingivitis!

SuperDuperMan (Butch Maxwell)

has become testy ever since the phone company stopped making booths for their pay telephones.

FatMan (Gino Angelo)

now without a steady job, lives off the meager royalties of the theme song to the famous 1960s TV Show. He wrote the memorable lyrics.

Rotten (Bert Furioli)

has been unsuccessful at his attempts to develop a meaningful relationship with a woman, perhaps because he wears brightly colored tights and runs around all night with a man. He has developed a deep crush on CattyWoman, since she joined the good guys.

CattyWoman (Arlene Merryman)

has grown sick of SuperDuperMan's gloating. She particularly hates it when he says "I tot I taw a puddy tat."


Lex Luthor (Michael Moran)

has tried and failed to kill SuperDuperMan in every episode since the early 50s. He's been really mad at him ever since SuperDuperman poured Nair into his shampoo.

Cheryl Saseen as CattyWoman, 2001 + Dee McCorkle as Alexis Luthor 2001

Also playing Alexis Luthor: Cheryl Saseen (August 2001) Also playing CattyWoman: Rachel Podwika (Late June and August, 2001)

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