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The Christmas spirit will become a deadly spirit for one of these people
...and one of the others will be the murderer.

Dustin Heavilin as Santa ClausSanta Claus: The legendary children's icon is under extraordinary stress , not just because the elves are sick and he has had to hire replacements... not just because Mrs. Claus has been away for six months and appears cozy with her new pool boy... not just because he is trying to quit smoking... but mostly becasue of the arrival of --

Evan Oslund as MannyManny Claus: Santa's wayward brother, is running from mobsters and, apparently an ex-wife, and probably half of the bookies in Vegas.

Sadie Crow as ElfishElfish Prezley: Santa's protégée and heir apparent, is unable to calm the jolly gift-giver, especially since Santa is desperately trying to quit smoking.

Butch Maxwell as Elliot BrickElliot Brick: Private detective hired to find the errant Claus brother, he is known among his peers as "the Elliot Savant." He is not sure what that means.

Erin Huffman as Holly DaizeHolly Daize: Manny's ex-wife... who hires Brick to find him. Or is this Twinkle the Elf? Same thing!

Along the way, Mrs. Claus checks in (between massages from her pool boy) and Brick confers with Blinkie the Stoolie, Three Fingers the newspaper stand guy, Apple Annie the street vendor, and Elliot's old adversary, Lt. Cleftjaw.

2018 Cast:
Elliot Brick: Butch Maxwell
Holly Daize/Twinkle the Elf: Erin Huffman
Santa Claus: Dustin Heavilin
Elfish Prezley: Sadie Crow
Manny Claus: Evan Oslund

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Last updated: December 19, 2018