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Nothing Much About Doo-Doo

In 1584, the yet-unproduced playwright could not break into the prestigious venues with his first play - which, as it turns out - was a murder mystery. When the Globe Theatre would not permit "Nothing Much About Doo Doo" on its main stage, Shakespeare begged them for space somewhere to premier his show. The Globe allowed him to produce it in the dining room - and thus, Shakespeare invented murder mystery dinner theatre. He would spend the next 30 years trying to redeem himself.
Original script for Nothing Much About Doo-Doo

Edmund Burymore (below) was on the academic pursuit of another lost Shakespeare play when he discovered "Nothing Much About Doo Doo." He is still looking for the lost script to "Henry VIII, I am, I am."

Gino Angelo as Edmund Burymore

The impressive ensemble of classical actors in the Royal Crown Shakespeare Company will feature some interesting casting choices, such as Dame Delilah Ladiva (below), best known for her work in musical theatre. She is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Lizzie Borden in the hit Broadway musical "Cuts."

Melody Meadows as Delilah LaDiva

Also featured in a supporting roles are former glam rock star David Boney (below)...

Butch Maxwell as David Boney

...and standup comic Harvey Brashman (below).
Bert Furioli as Harvey Brashman

Stage manager Allen Woodley (below), is the chief production assistant.

Ryan Sears as Allen Woodley

The Cast
Sir Edmund Burrymore Gino Angelo (2007, 2015) John Reilly (2009)
Dame Delilah Ladiva Meoldy Meadows (2015) Arlene Merryman (2007, 2009)
David Boney Butch Maxwell
Harvey Brashman Bert Furioli
Allen Woodley Ryan Sears

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Last updated: March 29, 2015