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Mission: Unpossible

Ryan Sears as Baron Von Halen
Baron Von Halen – Dictator of the Eastern European nation of Coleslavia, he is a criminal mastermind, disguise artist and evil genius. He wanted to steal all the gold in the World Bank just to give everyone the gold finger.
Michael Moran as Jim Yelps
Jim Yelps – The Unpossible Mission Forces team leader. Yelps flunked out of surveillance school when he was assigned to plant bugs, and he buried a box of beetles.
Shannan Noe as Paprika Jones
Paprika Jones – The UMF's sexy spy lady has a bumper sticker on her Porsche that reads, “If looks could kill, you’d be six feet under.”

Butch Maxwell as Colin Card
Colin Card – The UMF's British disguise artists is a master of espionage, camouflage, and decoupage
Bert Furioli as Barney Colander
Barney Colander – The UMF's nebbish technology geek, he always wanted to be a spy. Or Bilbo Baggins.

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Last updated: February 24, 2013