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I Killed Lucy
Arlene Merryman as LucyButch Maxwell as Ricky Retardo

Lucy Retardo is wacky redhead housewife who would really rather be in show business, and she won't let a little thing like her total lack of talent stop her. Lucy thinks it is only a matter of time before her talent is discovered. She also thinks everyone believes her hair color is real. Ricky Retardo is a famous and successful Cuban bandleader. He gets a steady supply of cigars from his Uncle Fidel. Ricky wants to become a big Hollywood star and will let nothing stop him - including his wife.
Cheryl Saseen as Ethel HurtzBert Furioli as Fred HurtzRyan Sea5rs as Orton Wells
Ethel Hurtz is a dutiful wife but she has a rebellious streak She has been mixed up in countless scams with her best friend Lucy. Her New Years resolution was to never let it happen again - or else. Fred Hurtz, Ricky's best friend and landlord, only takes one thing seriously - protecting his money. He is so cheap, he's already sold his body to science. He didn't get much money for it. Orton Welles was once considered a genius of the cinema, but after the release of his first film, "Citizen Canine," he produced a series of box-office and critical dogs. He has been unable to raise money for his latest film project, but would do anything for a hit movie. Some say he has lost his edge, with such mediocre productions as "A Night to Keep in Mind," "Tarzan of the Suburbs," and "Gone with the Partly Cloudy and a Chance of Rain."

The Cast:
Lucy Retardo: Arlene Merryman
Ricky Retardo: Butch Maxwell
Ethel Hurtz: Cheryl Saseen
Fred Hurtz: Bert Furioli
Orton Welles: Ryan Sears
Original Orton Welles: Gino Angelo

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Last updated: March 25, 2009