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I Killed Lucy
Orton tries to shut Lucy upLucy wants to be a big Hollywood starLucy begs Ricky to go to the ClubLucy negotiates with RickyEthel tries to talk Lucy out of - whatever she is planningHey Ricky you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Ricky! Hey Ricky!More "Hey Ricky" production number

Ricky sings a little Mambo #5Ricky dances with a guestRicky performs at the club.Orton offers Ricky the starringt role in a movie.At the Club, Ricky meets with Orton WellsRicky and Orton talk Fred into investing in the movieLucy's plan unfurlsLucy disguises herself in order to get to see the big movie starEthel joins in Lucy's schemeLucy waits. Ethel cooks. Orton is forced to be the straight man.Lucy poses as a waiter.Chef Ethel warms the soupLucy conspires with EthelEthel tries to appease Orton as Lucy keeps sampling his wineLucy demonstrates her acting chops with EthelLucy's plan falls apart. Along with Lucy and Orton.Orton and Fred call the girls' bluff.Fred and Ricky discover the ployRicky points out Orton in a big production numberOrton, Fred, Ethel and Lucy form a conga lineRicky tries to keep Lucy from singingOn the movie set - Ryan Sears as Orton Wells, Cheryl Saseen as Ethel, Arlene Merryman as Lucy, Butch Maxwell as Ricky and in front, Bert Furioli as FredRicky auditions actressesOn the movie set, Ricky flirts.Ricky and Fred watch Orton audition some dancers.Ricky has a taker for the love sceneFred tries to convince Orton to cut costsOrton and Ricky audition dancing girls.Ethel and Lucy disguise themselves as belly dancers. Orton tries to teach Lucy to belly dance. And he has the belly for it.Orton auditions Lucy and Ethel for Harem Girl parts Orton, Ricky and Fred watch Lucy and Ethel attempt to dance. Orton and Ricky battle for Lucy's virtue Lucy runs interference in the sword fight Ricky is defeated Fred's plan to distract Orton has unexpected results

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Last updated: April 10, 2009